Bellagio Fountain, The Grandest Fountain At The Bellagio Hotel, Las Vegas

Bellagio Fountain has become a landmark in Las Vegas. Therefore, tourists and foreigners who traveled in the city so it should come to that place. In addition to not paying, a spectacle that served very feast for the eyes and ears. Visitors can enjoy the fountains that dance to the rhythm of the music heard in the vicinity.

Bellagio Fountain is a fountain area of almost 35,000 square meters. The inside was filled with over 22,000 gallons of water are always recycled. The water can dance for fire upwards by a tool with a special technology. There are three types of this kind of tool is installed in a pond. The first is a mini shooter (as many as 798 units) which can shoot water up to a height of 30 meters in the air. Another tool called super shooter (as many as 192 units) that shoot water up to 73 meters. The last tool is an extreme shooter(16 units) were able to shoot water into the air up to a height of 140 meters.

Sophisticated device called Oarsmen that not only can shoot water into the air, but also can change the direction of water that was brought in accordance with the program already installed. Therefore, water fountain upwards can follow the rhythm of 30 songs can also be heard by visitors through the 183 speakers mounted around the pool.

Bellagio Fountain is also complemented by a tool to make mist that the material is using water from this pond. In addition, also installed 5,000 white bulbs that make the spectacle even more stunning.

Although only a fountain, but there are 30 people who every day work to program and supervise the performances. Additionally, if no lights are off, when it was also a staff member will immediately boarded a boat that is made specifically for walking on the surface of the pool water and replace with a new lamp.

Visitors can visit the Bellagio Fountain every day. The water dance starts from 15:00 pm until 24:00 at night. Duration is 2 to 5 minutes, depending on the song that accompanies the dance of water. The pause from one song to the next song is about 15 minutes. Some songs are often played include Billie Jean (Michael Jackson), Fly Me to The Moon (Frank Sinatra), My Heart Will Go On (Celine Dion), Con Te Partiro (Sarah Brightsman) and Viva Las Vegas (Evis Presley).

Performances Time: 15.00-24.00 (Monday to Friday), 12.00-24.00 (Saturday), 11.00-24.00 (Sunday)

Bellagio Fountain At Night Aerial View

Bellagio Fountain At Night Aerial View

Bellagio Fountain Las Vegas

Bellagio Fountain Las Vegas

Bellagio Fountain Show At Night

Bellagio Fountain Show At Night. Image Via:

Bellagio Fountain Close Up Photo

Bellagio Fountain Close Up Photo. Image Via:

Bellagio Fountain Las Vegas Show

Bellagio Fountain Las Vegas Show. Image Via:

Bellagio Fountain Image

Bellagio Fountain Image. Image Via:

Bellagio Fountain Photo

Bellagio Fountain Photo

Bellagio Fountain Show Photography

Bellagio Fountain Show Photography. Image Via:

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