Butchart Gardens: A Mine Site is Transformed into A Paradise of Plants

Butchart Gardens Pictures
Butchart Gardens Pictures. Img Via: blog.clippervacations.com

It all started from a cement businessman named Robert Pim Butchart of North America moved to Ontario, Canada. Besides establishing residences for he shared with his wife, Butchart also opens the mining area as the land occupied allegedly has a mineral content. Sure enough, since it was developed from 1904, the mining area belonging to Butchart into cement raw material supplier in the San Francisco area to Victoria.

Jennie, wife of Robert Pim Butchart has other ideas than to open a new mining area, she prefers to cultivate the land around the family business with beans and roses. Over time, mineral content was long gone. Mr. Butchart then asked her to continue developing her little garden that looks beautiful environment. He was willing to buy sacks of the fertile soil of the plantation area outside the city and taken by horse to hoard mining area that has been neglected. In the end, the mining area was transformed into a beautiful Sunken Garden.

Now, you can see Butchart Gardens with diverse atmosphere, there are Italian Garden, Japanese Garden, Sunken Garden, Lawn Concert Walk, Mediterranean Garden and Rose Garden are very intriguing. Also, you can still find an excavated mine on one side of the park, making the scene more contrast, varied and not boring.

From the Sunken Garden, you can see a variety of plants grown with different heights. It makes anyone who saw it would be fascinated with the composition of shapes and colors of the flora in this place. For visitors who use wheelchairs, Sunken Garden also provides a special line, so no need to worry.

No less interesting is the Japanese Garden. The bright red Torii Gate will greet every visitor will enter. Here you’ll be treated plants from Japan, complete with a small river, a fish pond and a bridge with a classic oriental style. Maple trees around the park gives the impression of peace.

Operating hours of Butchart Gardens adjusted to the ongoing season. For example, for the spring, which usually takes place in September-November, the park is open from 09: 00e am – 17:00 pm. While winter usually takes place in December to February is open from 09:00 am – 15:00 pm.

Just like hours of operation, the cost of entry ticket also depends on the season. Winter: $ 17 – $ 22; Fall: $ 19 – $ 25; Summer: $ 30; Spring: $ 28. The public transportation that you can use to get Butchart Gardens is by ferry from the Vancouver dock at Swartz Bay.

Butchart Gardens Photo

Butchart Gardens Photo

Butchart Gardens Rose Fountain Photo

Butchart Gardens Rose Fountain Photo

Butchart Gardens Photo At Night

Butchart Gardens Photo At Night. Img Via: visitorinvictoria.ca

Butchart Gardens Japanese Garden Pond

Butchart Gardens Japanese Garden Pond. Img Via: blog.admiral.bc.ca

Butchart Gardens Canada

Butchart Gardens Canada. Img Via: cvstours.com

Butchart Gardens Ontario Canada

Butchart Gardens Ontario Canada. Img Via: cvstours.com

Butchart Gardens Pictures

Butchart Gardens Pictures. Img Via: blog.clippervacations.com

Butchart Gardens Flowers

Butchart Gardens Flowers. Img Via: cvstours.com

Butchart Gardens Tulips At Summer

Butchart Gardens Tulips At Summer. Img Via: pinktravels.com.au

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