Chania, Greece, The Port City with Venetian Style

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Chania is a city located in the west end of the island of Crete, Greece. Although many developing tourist resort in this port city, most of the beaches and tourist villages still keep the authentic style. Vacation in Chania, you will feel a combination of relaxing in a row of white sandy beach, feel the atmosphere of the ancient glory of the nation on the historic buildings and a culinary course.

In this city, you will find many buildings in the style of the mansion like a typical water town in Italy, Venice. Fountains and magnificent churches were among the historic buildings are still well preserved. Chania was once the capital of Crete from 1847 to 1972. Currently, Chania became the second largest city in Crete after Heraklion.

In this city you can find an ancient city and a modern city. So no wonder if Chania becomes one of the most beautiful cities and perpetuated by the camera, in Greece. The old town is built around the Venetian-style port, which became part of other structures established by the Nation of Venice (and later Turkey). Characteristic of this city is building a lighthouse at the far end of the hill. Built in 1570 by the people of Venice, the building was reconstructed by the Egyptians in 1830 and lasted until today.

Chania Photo From Above

Chania Photo From Above. Img Via:

Attract Tourists

Among the historic buildings that you can see in Chania is the church of the Orthodox age and Sinblog Square. Chania is also divided into several districts, each of which has its own tourist attraction. Neoria, a district in the northeast, into the dock for ships and Venice in the 14th century and 16th century.

In the district of Kastelli, you can find the castle commander of Venetian Byzantine forces, while in the southeast, there is the old town Ovraika. This small town become home to a Jewish community. Do not forget also to visit beaches that surround Chania. Some of the famous beaches include Balos, Elafonissi and Falassarna.

Chania can be reached by ferry or by air. In the town there Akrotiri Airport, located at 15 kilometers east of the town, which has direct flights to Athens. During a visit to Chania, you can get the best accommodation by selecting the following hotels; To Hani Tou Kokkini Hotel, Tasia Boutique Hotel or Manthos Hotel.

Chania Crete At Night Photo

Chania Crete At Night Photo. Img Via:

Chania Port Photo

Chania Port Photo. Img Via:

Chania Crete Port

Chania Crete Port

Chania Image

Chania Image. Img Via:

Chania Crete Greece

Chania Crete Greece. Img Via:

Chania Street Photo

Chania Street Photo

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