Chateau De Chillon, The Switzerland Historic Building Which Offers A Pleasant Sight

Chateau De Chillon Panorama
Chateau De Chillon Panorama. Img Via:

Switzerland does have a view of the special and definitely will fascinate anyone who vacation in one of the country’s crime rate is quite minimal. In addition to the Alps, Switzerland has incredible views with several historic buildings and ancient that will make your holiday experience more enjoyable.

One of the attractions that can be visited while in Switzerland is Chateau de Chillon. This tourist spot is one of the historic buildings in Switzerland which offers pleasant scenery and fantastic beauty. Located in Lake Geneva, Chateau de Chillon very fitting for those who want to find peace and calm atmosphere. Because of this building, visitors can see the sights of interest and also the beauty of Lake Geneva.

Chateau de Chillon has a very spacious courtyard with leafy trees along these attractions. In addition, the building which was founded in 1150 by the Dukes of Savoy has a four rooms were also quite extensive. In one of the pillars there are several inscriptions that tell a little history of the ownership of the Chateau de Chillon.

In the main lobby, the magnificent interior can you see when entering the Chateau de Chillon. On the walls of this building, the paintings of the 14th century are still displayed there. If you bring children, please note that not carelessly touch the painting. Moreover, in one of the rooms at the Chateau de Chillon, there are still remnants of the weapons on display. What is interesting, of course in the area of the dungeon. Quiet atmosphere with a medieval impression you can feel. Plus there are some relics deliberately exhibited here.

When in the Chateau de Chillon, do not forget to look up at the window. Because the view of the lake of Geneva can you see from the historic palace. Especially when the sun was about to sink. Obviously the landscape will not be forgotten. To go to the Chateau de Chillon, there are plenty of transportation that you can choose.

If you choose to use the train, the path toward Montreaux from Geneva into the path you should choose. From Montreaux Station, you can choose to use the train from Veytaux to Chillon Station or walk along a 4 km along the lake Geneva. If you’re strong foot, it does not hurt to travel a little further, but can enjoy the beauty of Lake Geneva.

Meanwhile, the entrance ticket to the Chateau de Chillon is CHF 12 for the adults and CHF 6 for visitors aged 6-16 years. And schedule a visit was also different. For the months of April to September open from 09:00 am – 19:00 pm. While in October from 09:00 am – 18:00 pm. November to February open 10:00 am – 17:00 pm. And in March opened at 09:30 am – 18:00 pm.

Chateau De Chillon Beautiful Photo

Chateau De Chillon Beautiful Photo. Img Via:

Chateau De Chillon Photo From Above

Chateau De Chillon Photo From Above

Chateau De Chillon Swiss

Chateau De Chillon Swiss. Img Via:

Chateau De Chillon Panorama

Chateau De Chillon Panorama. Img Via:

Chateau De Chillon Switzerland

Chateau De Chillon Switzerland. Img Via:

Chateau De Chillon Dungeon

Chateau De Chillon Dungeon. Img Via: Flickr/Paul Turner

Chateau De Chillon Inside

Chateau De Chillon Inside. Img Via:

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