Doge’s Palace, The Most Famous Palace in Venice

Doge's Palace Venice Italy
Doge's Palace Venice Italy. Image Via:

For those of you who crave to visit tourist attractions with a romantic atmosphere with friends or family, the Doge’s Palace is the place you should not miss. The building which in Italian is called Palazzo Ducale is a gothic style Venetian palace that became one of the major landmarks of the city of Venice, Italy. Located in Piazza San Marco, the Doge’s Palace was once the residence of the highest authorities of the Republic of Venice (Doge of Venice). Now, the building was converted into a museum.

The Doge’s Palace was built around 1340 and is the third version after two castles predecessors. The building was originally only built on the south side of the palace, overlooking the lake. Then expand the area of the castle in 1424 by adding one more wing on the west side overlooking Piazetta DI San Marco. The construction was completed in 1442 with the foundation of the last building is the Porta della Carta, the main entrance of the palace.

The Doge’s Palace was opened to visitors as a museum in 1923 and recorded more than 1.3 million people visit these places every year. If we look to the inside of the Doge’s Palace, it can be seen that the building is composed of four parts of the building. The parts of the palace are:

  • Basement, which is part of the Doge’s Palace, which was once used as a jail cell for prisoners of war and the rebels.
  • Floor 1, that part which is used as an office for the ambassadors in Venice.
  • Floor 2, which is the part used as the Doge’s Appartement, the private residence of the Doge of Venice and also the official rooms of the palace.
  • Floor 3, that part which is used as the Sala del Collegio (guest reception room) where the doge met the ambassadors. Here visitors can see all the photos of the Doge of Venice.

Inside the Doge’s Palace, there is a museum named Museo dell’Opera displaying various types of statues and other architectural works. Currently, the works are stored is a replica of the original statues were moved at the time of a major overhaul in 1876.

To be able to visit the Doge’s Palace, we recommend you to use the vaporetto. The water bus similar vehicles have the most affordable prices compared to other types of boats in the city’s area of 412 km².

Doge's Palace Venice Italy

Doge’s Palace Venice Italy. Image Via:

Doge's Palace Venice

Doge’s Palace Venice. Image Via:

Doge's Palace Venice Photo

Doge’s Palace Venice Photo. Image Via:

Doge's Palace Pictures

Doge’s Palace Pictures. Image Via:

Doge's Palace Italy

Doge’s Palace Italy

Doge's Palace Outside Photo

Doge’s Palace Outside Photo. Image Via:

Doge's Palace Art Photo

Doge’s Palace Art Photo

Doge's Palace Inside Ceiling

Doge’s Palace Inside Ceiling

Doge's Palace Inside Art Painting

Doge’s Palace Inside Art Painting

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