Dresden Castle, The Central Power of the Kings and the Prince of Sachsen

Dresden Castle Pictures
Dresden Castle Pictures

For centuries, Residenzschloss or Dresden Castle in Dresden became the center of power of the King and Prince of Saxony. The historical legacy is located right in the heart of the Altstadt (old town) Dresden that is now the “home” for a series of important art and history museum.

Residenzschloss origins back to around the 13th century and was first mentioned in the 14th century as a palace complex. Fortress cities developed more widely in the 15th century, when Hausmann Tower was built. A nobleman of Saxony, Georg der Bärtige, ordered the construction of Georgenbau as a resident for Wettin dynasty. In the 16th century, the palace continued to evolve into a Renaissance-style castle. Most of the magnificent palace was destroyed by a fire in 1701 and reconstructed in the baroque architectural style under the reign of August der Starke. He built many of the rooms as a symbol of wealth and power as an absolute monarch.

Like the majority of other Dresden buildings, Dresden Castle destroyed by Allied bombs in 1945. The overall reconstruction began in 1985 and was intended as a museum and cultural complex. Renovation of the historic building was completed in 2013 and takes up a fund of 45 million euros.

Dresden Castle Photo

Dresden Castle Photo. Img Via: routes.tips

Today, the exterior of Dresden Castle is decorated in a Neorenaissance style, while its inner courtyard surrounded by extensive Renaissance architecture building decorated with sgraffito mural painting. Hausmann tower stands proudly overlooking the whole part of the palace and offers captivating views of the Altstadt. After five years of construction, in 2010 the grand staircase “Stairway English” can already be used again. The baroque style staircase built to the original design and cost up to 4 million euros. Not to forget the Türkische Cammer (Turkish Chamber) reopened after more than seventy years. The room also contains a collection of weapons and Ottoman tents are made of silk and gold. Dresden Castle is also a place of Kupfertisch-Kabinett, the first museum moved into the palace. But the most popular attraction is the Green Vault, the treasure room with the 3,000 most important European collection. On the north side, visitors will find Langer Gang, which is famous for Fürstenzug painting.

Dresden Castle is open to the public every Monday to Sunday, from 10.00 am – 18.00 pm. Entry ticket of € 12.00 and is included for visits to all museums, except the Historic Green Vault. The entrance to the Dresden Castle is in Taschenberg 2. To achieve this, you can use the tram S4, S8, S9 towards Theaterplatz or S1, S2, S3 and stopped at Altmarkt.

Dresden Castle Pictures

Dresden Castle Pictures

Dresden Castle Aerial View

Dresden Castle Aerial View. Img Via: tu-darmstadt.de

Dresden Castle Germany

Dresden Castle Germany. Img Via: dailyjigsawpuzzles.net

Dresden Castle Courtyard

Dresden Castle Courtyard. Img Via: fotocommunity.com

Dresden Castle Images

Dresden Castle Images. Img Via: panoramio.com

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