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Dubai Museum Photo
Dubai Museum Photo

Dubai Museum, formerly a fort used as a bulwark against invasion. Built in 1787 and known by the name of Al Fahidi Fort. It’s a testament to the history, the oldest building in the city of Dubai is still standing strong today. Precisely in the Al Fahidi Fort. Al Fahidi Fort is rectangular shape in which there are towers at the three corners. Dubai Museum was built using coral stone and mortar with several stages. Only the southern part, of course, there are the remains of the city wall. Opened as a museum in 1971.

What’s in the Dubai Museum?

Dubai Museum Entrance

Dubai Museum Entrance. Image Via:

In Dubai Museum, you can see the evidence of history, crafts typical of Dubai, a replica of the atmosphere of life of his people from antiquity to the present.

Looked outside the museum there is a high Dhow. Under which is part of the museum is a gallery of underwater life. In front of the main gate there are two cannons.

When you get to the Dubai Museum, you will see the ticket counter first and then you will be in an open area where many ancient weapons and cannon balls there.

You can see the ships used in the ancient times, old wells and also Arish located in one corner.

Arish is a traditional summer house antiquity made of palm leaves. In it there is a room with a bed earlier time, is also a kitchen with cooking utensils at the time.

Arish is also equipped with a wind tower that serves as a tool for cooling in summer periods without electricity.

In every corner of Dubai Museum there are entrances to see the galleries are on display. At the entrance to the southwest, you will find a staircase that spiraled downward. There you will find a map of the old city of Dubai.

Beside it there is a video that describes the development of Dubai city from the time before oil is found, in 1960, to the present.

At the next door, you will see a kind of replica of life where the dhows being built by several people.

If you keep moving, you will see a replica of life of the people of Dubai in antiquity in plantations of palm, at the fish market, the tents which contained jewelry daily lives of the Bedouin community, tailors, carpenters, sellers of spices, fish sellers, dates and etc. as well as the atmosphere of a night in the desert with a tent and a campfire in front of them.

Then when you want to head for the exit from the Dubai Museum, you will down the circular staircase. The downstairs, before you go out, there are a souvenir shop selling souvenirs. You can buy souvenirs there or just look around. If you go out, you will find yourself outside the museum are in another part.

Entry fee to the Dubai Museum

Dubai Museum United Arab Emirates

Dubai Museum United Arab Emirates

Dubai Museum has become one of the sights that many travelers visit. At 2013, this museum visitors reached more than 1 million visitors. The average visitor comes between the months of August to April each year.

Admission tickets only AED 3 per person. Time visits every day from 8.30 am to 8.30 pm except Friday from 2:30 pm to 8:30 pm.

Dubai Museum Photo

Dubai Museum Photo

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