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Edinburgh Castle UK

Prior to joining the United Kingdom, Scotland is a kingdom of its own under the name Kingdom of Scotland. As an empire, of course, Scotland also has a castle as the residence of the royal family as well as the bastion. The castle is Edinburgh Castle, the most important building in the history of Scotland at the same time most iconic landmarks and buildings in the city of Edinburgh and even Scotland.

Edinburgh Castle stands majestically on the Castle Rock hill which has a height of 130 meters above sea level. This hill formed from the remains of a volcano that has erupted estimated at 340 million years ago.

Until the end of the prehistoric era, has not found evidence to suggest that this hill was inhabited. But then the area around the hill grown rapidly and become a civilization. In the year 683, the city was founded by British troops and later named as Edinburgh. Since then, Scotland have started to be colonized by the British forces with Castle Rock serve as one of the centers and military headquarters.

Edinburgh Castle is known was built in the 12th century by King David I. He was the youngest son of the ruler of Scotland before, that King Malcolm III with the daughter of the British empire which later became known as the Queen Margaret. The castle was built by using rocks from the volcano so it looks magnificent and sturdy.

One of the first buildings constructed in the complex of the castle is St Margaret’s Capel, built in memory of his mother. King David uses the castle as a center of military power as well as administrative center in Scotland. The desire of Scotland to escape from the British cause frequent conflicts between them, and the center of the conflict is of course always leads to mastery of Edinburgh Castle.

Which party has control of Edinburgh Castle is believed to have mastered the entire area of Scotland. A Scottish independence war which first occurred in 1926 when England led by King Edward I who invades Scotland and then mastered Edinburgh Castle. This raises the reaction and resistance of the people of Scotland, led by one of the greatest hero William Wallace.

Edinburgh Castle Image

Edinburgh Castle Image. Image Via: edinburghcastle.gov.uk

Edinburgh Castle on The Castle Rock Hill

Edinburgh Castle on The Castle Rock Hill

Scotland’s independence war struggle continued until many years with continued by Robert the Bruce, one of the greatest kings of Scotland. During the war took place, either Scotland or England alternately occupied the Edinburgh Castle.

When Scotland re-mastered by the British, the two royal marriages are not uncommon. One is that King James IV of Scotland, married Margaret Tudor, the eldest daughter of Henry VII of England. The marriage would produce offspring Scottish king who has a British royal lineage.

So when the power vacuum in England after Queen Elizabeth I died without a male heir, James VI of Scotland who is the great-grandson of King James IV became the only offspring who is entitled to be king. Appointment of King James VI of Scotland became king of England marked the merging of the two kingdoms, and he was known as King James I of England.

Edinburgh Castle Scotland UK

Edinburgh Castle Scotland UK

Edinburgh Castle UK

Edinburgh Castle UK

Edinburgh Castle Scotland Photography

Edinburgh Castle Scotland Photography. Image Via: dreamhouseapartments.com

Since then, Edinburgh Castle is no longer used as the residence of the king of Scotland. Last King of Scotland descent who masters English and Edinburgh Castle was King Charles I. After the reign of Charles I, Edinburgh Castle widely used by the British empire as a place to imprison prisoners of war, be it from the Seven Years War, the American Revolution until the Napoleonic Wars.

But the defection of events prisoners of this jail in 1811 makes this castle is no longer safe for use as a prison. Since then, Edinburgh Castle then functioned as a national monument and opened to the public. Renovations and improvements subsequently made to the castle in order to be more attractive for the visitors to come.

Edinburgh Castle is now known as one of the most attractive tourist destinations in the city of Edinburgh. The castle is in the form of a complex consisting of magnificent buildings in it. The building that will be first seen when entering the main gate is the Half Moon Battery, which is a ring-shaped high wall built on the ruins of David’s Tower.

This fortress was first used as one of the main defenses of the castle, complete with weapons and special chambers for storing ammunition. The room is now used as a gallery to display the artifacts and implements of war that remain. The main building and the most protected of course, is a building that is home to the royal family, the Royal Palace.

In place is then born great kings of Scotland, including the King James VI. The exterior of the building is decorated by the clock tower and became one of the most iconic among other buildings in the castle. The interior of the building is decorated with decorations and paintings which make it the most beautiful building.

One of the most interesting rooms is the Crown Room, a place to store and display objects that are symbols like the royal crown, robes, swords or armor king. Another magnificent room of the castle is the Great Hall, the most spacious room which is used as a place to hold ceremonies, including the appointment of a king or a formal banquet.

This building was built during the reign of King James IV in the 16th century, with a Renaissance-style interior design. In the era after the leadership of King Charles I, the hall is a barracks or shelter for the troops. A collection of various types of weapons and armor as well as the many amenities featured in this room.

One of the interesting attractions of Edinburgh Castle, is the One O’Clock Gun, the event shelling is done every day to indicate that the time has shown at 1 pm. Shelling was first performed in 1861 as a time marker signal for ships that are in the area, Firth of Forth, the water flows towards the sea to the north.

Although it is now shipping a marker signal that time is not necessary, but the shelling has become one of the attractions of interest to visitors. At first the shelling was held in the castle Half Moon Battery by using a 64-pounder cannon, now these attractions is done by using the 105 mm cannon on the ramparts overlooking the north, the Mill’s Mount Battery.

Edinburgh Castle Photo

Edinburgh Castle Photo. Image Via: dailyrecord.co.uk

Edinburgh Castle Aerial View

Edinburgh Castle Aerial View

In addition to these attractions, visitors will also be able to see a collection of guns and weapons owned by the castle, one of which is Mons Meg, one of the world’s most famous weapons. Edinburgh Castle still has a few pieces of other buildings were also magnificent and interesting, such as St. Margaret’s Capel which is the oldest building in the complex of the castle, dungeon, Scottish National War Memorial, and the National War Museum and Regimental Museum.

There are many historical, heroic stories, buildings and objects of interest that can be seen in the castle. During this visit the castle, visitors will be accompanied by an audio guide that will accompany the trip to explore the most magnificent buildings in Scotland. Visiting Edinburgh city would not be complete without visiting Edinburgh Castle.

Edinburgh Castle Interior

Edinburgh Castle Interior. Image Via: edinphoto.org.uk

Edinburgh Castle Inside

Edinburgh Castle Inside

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