Glass Beach, The Beach that was Created by A Pile of Garbage Glass For Years

Glass Beach California Photo
Glass Beach California Photo. Img Via:

No one would think a place that used to be a landfill will become a conservation area. However, that’s what happens at Glass Beach is located in Fort Bragg California, United States. Circa 1906-1967, this beach is known as a garbage dump. After the devastating earthquake that hit the San Francisco area, the streets filled with rubble in the ruins. Most of the waste and the debris were dumped into the sea. Of course, on the amount of waste dumped in the garbage contained glass.

In 1967, government officials and regulators of water quality in the city of California began to realize that the garbage disposal at sea was an error and attempted to relocate the dump away from the sea and coastline. However, the sea waves hit the coast, leaving the waste glass-shaped dots subtle, changing the coastline becomes colorful.

Nowadays Glass Beach is a conservation area and one of the popular tourist attractions in California. Unfortunately, with the increasing number of visitors in this place actually makes the problem. Many of the visitors who come to Glass Beach took flake glass and take it home.

Glass Beach California

Glass Beach California. Img Via:

Glass Beach California USA

Glass Beach California USA. Img Via:

Glass Beach Images

Glass Beach Images

Glass Beach Pictures

Glass Beach Pictures. Img Via:

Glass Beach California Photo

Glass Beach California Photo. Img Via:

Glass Beach in Sunrise

Glass Beach in Sunrise. Img Via:

Glass Beach Photo

Glass Beach Photo. Img Via:

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