Griffith Park, The City Park of Los Angeles

Griffith Park LA
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Every major city has a park as the lungs of the city and a place of recreation for the citizens. A city parkĀ in Los Angeles named Griffith Park. This green space is the second largest park in California after Mission Trails Preserve in San Diego. Public areas on Crystal Springs Drive is not just a place for picnics. There are many other activities that could be spent in one of the largest municipal parks in the North America.

When in San Francisco Union Square Park visitors are not allowed to sleep, let alone camping, another case with Los Angeles’s city park. Visitors can camp at Hollywood Camp. The campground that overlooking the Hollywood hills is usually crowded on weekends. The management is Los Angeles City Recreation and Parks Department provides complete facilities and amenities including hiking, swimming, bonfires, and horse riding. You can also camp in Griffith Park Camp.

Griffith Park is connected with four golf courses. Visitors can do this sport at Harding Municipal Golf Course, Los Feliz Municipal Golf Course, Roosevelt Municipal Golf Course, or Wilson Municipal Golf Course.

Griffith Park Los Angeles Hiking Track

Griffith Park Los Angeles Hiking Track. Image Via:

The hills are steep in the garden area into a popular hiking trail. The pedestrians are allowed to cross the 53-mile route along the route include cycling and equestrian routes. The highest climbing path is leading to the summit of Mount Hollywood. From the highest point of Griffith Park, visitors can see a view of the entire Los Angeles Basin. If lucky, when hiking you can meet wild animals such as quail, foxes, coyotes, and deer.

Other browsing activities that can be passed in the garden city of Los Angeles is riding. The track has been given a special mark. The same pathway is also used for walking or jogging. While the most favorite track is between Griffith Park, Drive through Crystal Springs Drive and Zoo Drive. Other sports facilities have also been developed so that visitors can play football, tennis, badminton, baseball, softball, and other group games.

Visitors can relax while watching the birds in flight in the Bird Sanctuary. The conservation of forested place with a small river on Vermont Canyon Road. The park is also the site of the founding of the Los Angeles Zoo and Botanical Gardens. So you can introduce the world of animals wider when to go there with your children. In addition, plants in the Botanical Garden are also interesting to observe.

Griffith Park LA

Griffith Park LA. Image Via:

Within the park, there are also games arena called the Merry-Go-Round. Your children can ride the carousel, created in 1926. It has 68 carousel horse carved with delicate and equipped with the reins. Another point of interest is the Griffith Observatory. In the observatory there are telescopes that can be used by visitors to observe the space when the weather is sunny.

To be able to Griffith Park, visitors can use the Metro Silver Line from downtown and stop at Spring Street. From here, transit uses Local Metro Line 96 to be able to get in the park area.

Hotels can be a place of rest is the Staybridge Suites Cherry Creek hotel in the area Glendade. Visitors can also choose The Standard Downtown La Hotel or The Ritz Carlton Los Angeles Hotel is located in Los Angeles downtown.

Griffith Park Los Angeles Welcome Sign

Griffith Park Los Angeles Welcome Sign

Griffith Park LA Autry Museum

Griffith Park LA Autry Museum. Image Via:

Griffith Park LA Photo

Griffith Park LA Photo. Image Via:

Griffith Park Hike Track

Griffith Park Hike Track. Image Via:

Griffith Park Zoo

Griffith Park Zoo

Griffith Park Los Angeles

Griffith Park Los Angeles. Image Via:

Griffith Park View

Griffith Park View. Image Via:

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