Holidays With Family in The Museum of Childhood, Scotland

Museum of Chilhood Outside Area
Museum of Chilhood Outside Area

Museum of Childhood contains an interesting collection of toys, dolls and games of the century: Victorian, Edwardian and Georgian till now. The museum was founded by Patrick Murray in 1955, occupies two floors of the 18th century. Many museum pieces come from private collections belonging to Patrick Murray. In addition to dolls, there are also artifacts slot machines, games, cars, bicycles and children’s books.

The Museum of Childhood is divided into four main galleries consisting of a moving toy gallery, creativity gallery, child galleries and space gallery. The moving toy gallery is divided into several parts: the push and pull, spring and wheels, circuits and motors. Collection of toys consisting of a rocking horse and a battery-operated toy. There are also types of optical toy that moves with visual special effects. Visitors could learn a lot about science, design and technology of this moving toy.

The moving toy gallery has various means of interaction for children to engage with existing toys including rocking horses, Robbie the Robot, a train set, peep show and Zoetrope. The touch screen display will show a moving toy in the form of games and quizzes are located throughout the gallery.

Museum of Chilhood Scotland

Museum of Chilhood Scotland. Img Via:

Children’s Gallery is located on the first floor, divided into themes such as the following: baby, home, what we wear, and good times. Every part of the Kids Gallery explores different aspects of childhood, the sense of home, how the baby is treated, what the kids wear and what children experience when they grow up.

There are hundreds of objects on the theme of the baby, including many different instances of objects made for babies, including rattles and Teethers, cots, strollers and high chairs, clothing, and toys were hanged.

There is also a dollhouse that helps children to gain an understanding of the history of the house. Before the 18th century, the house is still a handmade doll created for children of the nobility. There is an assortment of doll houses, such as The Nuremberg House, built in 1673. The other famous doll house is Tate Baby House made around 1760, and Princess Elizabeth Little House was made in 1935 whereas in 2001 there was a collection of dollhouse under the name Kaleidoscope House.

Museum of Chilhood Inside Rocking Horses

Museum of Chilhood Inside Rocking Horses. Img Via:

Everyone enjoys having a good time whether alone or with family or friends. A visit to the museum with the family is the right choice. In this Museum of Childhood there are also card games, board games and puzzles, musical instruments and toys for special occasions, including weddings and baptisms. There are also examples of toys relating to magic and divination includes a set of tools magic wand and tricks. Everything is complete in this museum.

The museum is open daily from Monday to Saturday from 10:00 am to 17:00 pm, while Sunday is open from 12:00 pm to 17:00 pm. To visit this museum is not charged or free. To reach the Museum of Childhood, you can take a private car or taxi from the city of Glasgow with a travel time of approximately 1 hour.

Museum of Chilhood Front Photo

Museum of Chilhood Front Photo. Img Via:

Museum of Chilhood Outside Area

Museum of Chilhood Outside Area

Museum of Chilhood Inside Photo

Museum of Chilhood Inside Photo

Museum of Childhood

Museum of Childhood. Img Via: benrowephotography

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