Ibiza, Spain, A Paradise For The Party Addicts

Ibiza Spain
Ibiza Spain. Image Via: itaka.pl

In an off the east coast of Spain lies the Mediterranean island of Ibiza is so synonymous with sun, sand, beaches, clubs and parties, western people refer to it as the center for the hedonist who continue to search for life within the circle of pleasure.

Ibiza never sleeps. People just fallen asleep when Fajr already a thud, and the sun was rising over the head. The rest, the thump of music from one club to another. Ibiza never sleeps and always partying. At noon, the island looks quite calm and so relaxed with few tourists were sunbathing on the beach with a makeshift dressing or without a single yarn.

Ibiza Beach Photo

Ibiza Beach Photo. Image Via: villa-contact.com

For each guest, Ibiza offers luxury living at its best with superior restaurants, boat tours, and a villa that may be the most luxurious in the world. Ibiza has become a playground for centuries and continues to attract large crowds every year. A club in Ibiza usually crowded with 3,000 people on one floor. And behold, the area is so abundant will vineyards, olive groves, pine forests and almond trees shining white milk under a full moon. All the rivers here.

So no wonder, if it is said that people come to Ibiza is coming to dancing, partying, and having fun. Not surprising, then, that with all the mythology , history and anything related to the lives of its glamor, is in Ibiza. Currently, Ibiza offers some nightclubs that are considered the biggest and best on the planet. Among these Pacha, Privilege, Amnesia, Space and El Paradis. And in the summer, every night Pacha will rake in up to $ 1.2 million.

Ibiza Clubs At Night

Ibiza Clubs At Night. Image Via: celebreak.eu

Various genres of music never stopped beating. Not only at clubs or bars, dancing girls, play music fromthe DJ and disco lights were also seen in the clubs of Ibiza exotic seaside. Ibiza island has three major cities are becoming a destination for travelers, namely Ibiza Town as the capital, Sant Antoni de Portmany and Santa Eularia des Riu, especially in the summer. Geographically, the island of Ibiza has the highest point is at Sea Talaiassa hills (475 m above sea level ) and the beautiful sea laying in front of the city. Ibiza is able to attract thousands of tourists each year to enjoy the night life, electronic music, and the beauty of the beach. In fact, the development of tourism on the island of Ibiza Town makes it one of the UNESCO world heritage sites.

In culinary terms, Ibiza Island brings a strong Mediterranean flavor, in addition to fresh seafood. However, you can also try some of the menu as El Pirata, which is the best pizza in the capital! Try Ensaimada, hot loaf of bread made from refined flour, water, sugar, eggs, sweet cheese, and bacon fat instead of butter for breakfast. You can add a few pieces of meat pieces according to taste!

Ibiza San Antonio Beach

Ibiza San Antonio Beach. Image Via: ibizaboas.com

Ibiza Beautiful Beach

Ibiza Beautiful Beach. Image Via: telegraph.co.uk

Ibiza Beach

Ibiza Beach. Image Via : holidaypirates.com

Ibiza Beach Summer Time

Ibiza Beach Summer Time

Ibiza Mediterranean Beach

Ibiza Mediterranean Beach. Image Via: thomson.co.uk

Ibiza Spain

Ibiza Spain. Image Via: itaka.pl

Ibiza Beach Spain

Ibiza Beach Spain. Image Via: thomson.co.uk

Ibiza Clubs

Ibiza Clubs. Image Via: myibiza.tv

Ibiza Beach Clubs

Ibiza Beach Clubs. Image Via: hrhibiza.com

Ibiza Beach Club

Ibiza Beach Club. Image Via: condenast.co.uk

Ibiza Beach Club Nightlife

Ibiza Beach Club Nightlife

Ibiza Beach Club Gazebo

Ibiza Beach Club Gazebo. Image Via: ibizaintro.com

Ibiza Beach Club Spain

Ibiza Beach Club Spain. Image Via: ibizacountryvillas.com

Ibiza Spain Photo

Ibiza Spain Photo. Image Via: thomson.co.uk

Ibiza Photo

Ibiza Photo. Image Via: gallivant.com

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