Millennium Stadium, The Stage For The Champions League Final 2017

Millennium Stadium Cardiff Outside Photo
Millennium Stadium Cardiff Outside Photo. Img Via:

Real Madrid has just crowned as kings of Europe. In the 2015/2016 season’s Champions League final, Real conquered city rivals Atletico Madrid, at San Siro Stadium, Milan, Italy, on Sunday (05/29/2016). Champion is Real Madrid, which closed the phase of this season’s Champions League with the headline “Road to Milano”.

Now for the 2016/2017 season, UEFA has also been appointed host of the Champions League final. Is the Millenium Stadium, Cardif were given the honor to host the top match of the most prestigious competitions in the Blue Continent. The stadium belongs to the club rugby, the Welsh Rugby Union and the Wales National Team.

Millennium Stadium is a stadium that is a pride for the people of Wales. The stadium is located right next to the river Taff, which makes it worth a visit. Because of its location adjacent to the river and the sea, the Millennium Stadium is supported by four pillars (resemble) the vessel as high as 90 meters which makes it a Cardiff city landmark.

Millennium Stadium Outside Photo

Millennium Stadium Outside Photo. Img Via:

Millennium Stadium Cardiff

Millennium Stadium Cardiff. Img Via:

In accordance with the name of the place finals were held, then the Champions League season 2016/2017 entitled “Road to Cardif”. As for the 2016/2017 Champions League final will be held June 3, 2017 local time. While drawing group division will be held in Monaco August 25, 2016 local time. Wikipedia site explains, the Millennium Stadium is a multipurpose sports complex in Cardiff, Wales. The stadium was opened in 1999 with a capacity of 74,500 seats.

The decision to make the United Kingdom will hold three Champions League finals in the last seven years, including while at Wembley Stadium in 2011 and 2013. The election of the Millennium Stadium to host the Champions League final in 2017 made a number of players from Wales was happy, including Gareth Bale. Millennium Stadium also hosted the 2014 European Super Cup, in which Bale helped Real Madrid’s 2-0 win over Sevilla.

Millennium Stadium Aerial View Cardiff

Millennium Stadium Aerial View Cardiff. Img Via:

Millennium Stadium Pitch

Millennium Stadium Pitch. Img Via:

Millennium Stadium At Night

Millennium Stadium At Night. Img Via:

Millennium Stadium Inside Photo

Millennium Stadium Inside Photo. Img Via:

Millennium Stadium Cardiff Outside Photo

Millennium Stadium Cardiff Outside Photo. Img Via:

Millennium Stadium Cardiff Photo

Millennium Stadium Cardiff Photo. Img Via:

Millennium Stadium Photo

Millennium Stadium Photo. Img Via:

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