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National Palace Mexico Pictures
National Palace Mexico Pictures. Img Via:

Every nation or state has its own history, as well as on the country of Mexico. Near the Plaza Zocalo in Mexico City, you can see the historic sites, namely The National Palace or in Spanish called the Palacio Nacional. This site has been a palace for the ruling class of Mexico since the Aztec empire, many palace buildings that currently belong to the original of Montezuma II.

This National Palace is used and classified as government buildings, state court, with Tezontle red facade. Filling in the east side of the Zocalo is the length of more than 200 meters. Functioned as an office of the federal treasury and national archives.

The building on the north and south is marked by two towers and three main doors, which each lead to to a different part of the building. South door leads to the Patio of Honor and the President’s office (not accessible to the public). North door known as Mariana door, named in honor of Mariano Arista was built in 1850. Next to this door, there is space used as a prison court, with a torture chamber. It is now occupied by the finance department, contain Room treasury built by architect Manuel Ortiz Monasterio and Vicente Mendiola. Iron and bronze doors are the work of Augusto Petriccioli.

Land and buildings on it which is claimed by Hernan Cortes, the architect was Rodrigo de Pontocillos and Juan Rodriguez, they rebuilt the palace while Cortes lived in Old Houses (now national de Monte Piedad building) across the plaza in the year 1521-1530.

Cortes Palace itself is a huge fortress with embrasures for cannon whose position is placed at each corner, and Mezzanine has Crenels for the Musketeers. Facade only has two doors with an arch. A spacious garden, occupying most of the southern and southwestern part of the property. The palace has a bed, an office, two guest rooms and a tower for gunpowder. Secondary building in the back has nineteen windows. There parapet, no clock and bell at the top. The main yard is built large enough to be used first as a bullfight in New Spain. In 1562, the Spanish royal palaces and land bought from Martin Cortes, son of Hernan Cortes.

All the leaders who ruled New Spain during the Colonial period lived in this residence, except Antonio de Mendoza and Juan O’Donuju, which is quite interesting, both first and last letter. After independence, the palace is home to two emperors who ruled Mexico during the short period that Agustinde Lturbide and Maximilian I of Mexico. The first president to live in the building was also the first president of Mexico, Guadalupe Victoria and its last occupant was Manuel Gonzalez, president from 1880 to 1884. The current president’s residence is Los Pinos. Famous people who live here, including Sor Juana Ines de la Cruz, Mateo Aleman, firar Servando de Mier, Alexander von Humboldt and Simon Bolivar.

National Palace Mexico

National Palace Mexico. Img Via:

National Palace Mexico Photo

National Palace Mexico Photo. Img Via:

National Palace Mexico Inside Courtyard

National Palace Mexico Inside Courtyard. Img Via:

National Palace Outside Area

National Palace Outside Area. Img Via:

National Palace Mexico Pictures

National Palace Mexico Pictures. Img Via:

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