Notre Dame Cathedral, Paris, France

Notre Dame Cathedral Photo
Notre Dame Cathedral Photo

Notre Dame de Paris or Notre Dame Cathedral, is a Roman Catholic cathedral church with gothic style and is located on the Île de la Cité, a small island in the middle of the river Seine, Paris, France. Notre Dame Cathedral is regarded as the finest examples of French Gothic architecture style and is one of the most popular churches in the country.

Being the first cathedral built on a large scale in France, Notre Dame became the prototype of other cathedrals built further in this country. Some other famous cathedral are similar to Notre Dame is the Cathedral of Amiens, Chartres and Rheims Cathedral. Even the design of St. Peter’s Cathedral in Adelaide, Australia, was also inspired by the Notre Dame cathedral.

Notre Dame Cathedral was built in 1163 on the initiation of the new bishop of Paris at the time, Maurice de Sully, who consider the old cathedral of Paris is less suitable for him. Nonetheless, the new cathedral was completed around mid-1240’s, over 44 years after the death of the bishop Sully. During that time, the work done by a number of different architects, as seen from the difference of architectural styles in every height of the front west and the tower of the cathedral.

Notre Dame Cathedral At Night

Notre Dame Cathedral At Night. Image Via:

Notre Dame Cathedral Gargoyles

Notre Dame Cathedral Gargoyles

Since its inception, Notre Dame Cathedral undergone many changes and destruction, some of which was during the reign of Louis XIV and Louis XV in 1786, during the French Revolution in 1793, and World War II. Some of the repair process was followed, one of which is the improvement in 1845 which took 25 years.

The restoration process was led by a local French architect, Eugène Emmanuel Viollet-le-Duc, who is also responsible for the restoration of dozens of castles, palaces, and cathedrals throughout France. Viollet le Duc made a pretty drastic changes to the design of the old cathedral, including building a spire and a chimera. The process of repair and maintenance is then performed in 1991, and this time to maintain the shape of the historic old.

Like most churches, the Cathedral of Notre Dame is also made with shapes of longitudinal cross, with the front heading west. The front of the west consists of three levels, the first level of the top forming two identical towers. At the first level are three entrances, with one big size middle door. On it, there is a row of 28 sculptures of the ancient Jewish king which limits the level one and two. In between levels two and towers, decorated by statues of gargoyles that also serves to drain rainwater.

The third level are two identical towers where the church bell is located. In north tower, there are eight bells, while in the south tower there are two bells; 1 new bell made in 2012 and one more bell greatest, original since 1681, was named Emanuel. Emanuel will be tolled once every hour, which is then followed by the sound of other bells.

Notre Dame Cathedral also has two other entrances, each of which is in the hands of the cross. The doors are also decorated by many of the carving. The southern entrance to describe the life story of St. Stephen and many local saint of France. While the south entrance, on top decorated with the carving of the baby Jesus and tells the story of Theophilus, and at the poles decorated statue of the Virgin and Child.

In addition to the church hall, we can also rise to the top of the cathedral tower of Notre Dame by climbing 387 stairs that are located above several spiral staircase. During the hike we can see the famous bell, Emanuel, and gargoyles up close. We can also see the spectacular view of Paris when get to the top. You can imagine yourself how amazing the view of Paris from a height of 69 m, from the top of the ancient church. Eits, do not just imagine, but should really experience it for yourself. Okay?

Notre Dame Cathedral Photo

Notre Dame Cathedral Photo

Notre Dame Cathedral Paris France

Notre Dame Cathedral Paris France. Image Via:

Notre Dame Cathedral Interior Photo

Notre Dame Cathedral Interior Photo. Image Via:

Notre Dame Cathedral Photo At Night

Notre Dame Cathedral Photo At Night

Notre Dame Cathedral France

Notre Dame Cathedral France. Image Via:

Notre Dame Cathedral At Night France

Notre Dame Cathedral At Night France. Image Via:

Notre Dame Cathedral Paris Interior

Notre Dame Cathedral Paris Interior. Image Via:

Notre Dame Cathedral Paris Close Up Photo

Notre Dame Cathedral Paris Close Up Photo. Image Via:

Notre Dame Cathedral Paris

Notre Dame Cathedral Paris. Image Via:

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