Piazza Navona, Rome – Italy

Piazza Navona Pictures
Piazza Navona Pictures

If you are interested to enjoy the beauty of the City of Rome in the early evening with friends or family, then Piazza Novana is the most appropriate place. Almost all the tourists who come here recognize that the atmosphere of the piazza at dusk became the main attraction of this place. On either side of the piazza lined stately buildings with beautiful architecture typical of Europe. There are also restaurants if we want to enjoy a typical Italian food.

Piazza Navona has 3 fountains pieces are very beautiful and quite well-known in the city of Rome in addition to the Trevi Fountain. The fountain in the middle is the Fountain of the Four Rivers works of Gian Lorenzo Bernini, at its peak there is a statue Obelisk of Domitian. Two other fountain is the Fontana del Moro with a pool that contained four Tritons and the Fountain of Neptune works of Giacomo della Porta. Around each fountain, provided a place to sit in the visitors to enjoy the atmosphere of the piazza while admiring the beauty of each fountain.

Piazza Navona Photography

Piazza Navona Photography

Moreover, Piazza Novana also presents a lot of interesting things. Along the side of the piazza, found many street artists with a variety of costumes and makeup weird. There are also street musicians with melodious singing their songs to enrich the atmosphere in Piazza Novana in the afternoon. Their presence did not interfere with the activity of the public or tourists who are in this place. Even most of the travelers are happy to give the money to them because captivated by the actions that are served by these street artists. Even if visitors are interested in taking a photo with one of them, then be happy to be served, but of course with a few euros wages. If you visit this place, then use the opportunity to see the beauty of the Baroque Church of Sant’Agnese in Agone which was on the back side of Piazza Novana.

Piazza Novana located in the historical center of the city of Rome, in the west of the Pantheon. If we were around the city of Rome, the trip can be taken using the alternative fast train subway or commonly called Metropolitana in Italian. You just need to find the nearest subway station and choose the train that was on line B. With a spend of about € 1.5 for a single trip or € 6 for a pack a day a trip, you will quickly be escorted to the nearest station to the Colosseum, namely Colosseo station.

Piazza Novana Italy

Piazza Novana Italy. Image Via: portmobility.it

Piazza Navona Photo

Piazza Navona Photo. Image Via: theodysseyonline.com

Piazza Navona Pictures

Piazza Navona Pictures

Piazza Navona Rome Italy

Piazza Navona Rome Italy. Image Via: stendhalhotelrome.it

Piazza Navona Rome Photo

Piazza Navona Rome Photo. Image Via: accomodationsrome.com

Piazza Navona Fountain Photo

Piazza Navona Fountain Photo. Image Via: rome.net

Piazza Novana Italy At Night

Piazza Novana Italy At Night. Image Via: benvenutolimos.com

Piazza Novana At Night

Piazza Novana At Night. Image Via: travel2italy.com

Piazza Novana Rome At Night

Piazza Novana Rome At Night

Piazza Novana Aerial

Piazza Novana Aerial. Image Via: panoramio.com

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