Potala Palace, China, A Pearl in the Roof of the World!

Potala Palace Tibet At Winter
Potala Palace Tibet At Winter

The Potala Palace is located in the red hills in downtown Lhasa, Tibet autonomous region, China. Large and magnificent palace was built following the topography of the hill and was dubbed the “Pearl on the Roof of the World”. The Potala Palace is one of most famous ancient buildings in China.

The Potala Palace is a political activity, religion and place of residence of the Dalai Lama of Tibet from time to time. The palace is also the biggest rise buildings in Tibet today. According to historical records, the Potala Palace was built during the reign of Songtsän Gambo, a Tibetan dynasty in the 7th century AD, is the political center of the time.

The Potala Palace has reached a height of 110 meters, is a stone and wood structure. The palace wall made of granite, which is the thickest reaches 5 meters. The base of the wall containing a layer of stone, inside the outer wall filled liquid iron to improve the integrity of the whole building and resistance to earthquakes, while the top is equipped with ornaments made of gold for the lightning rod. For hundreds of years, the Potala Palace has experienced many time lightning and an earthquake, but the building still standing strong until now.

Potala Palace Images

Potala Palace Images

Potala Palace consists of the White Palace in the eastern part as the residence of the Dalai Lama, the Red Palace in the center of which is a shrine to Buddha and pagodas which is the funeral for the spirits of the Dalai Lama, as well as monks white houses in the western part. In front of the Red Palace, there is a high white wall, a place to hang a large tapestry picture of Buddha on a religious holiday. Although the buildings of Potala Palace were built in a different era, but the whole building of the palace looks very magnificent and harmony for the clever use of the topography of the hill, thus achieving a very high level in the aesthetics of the building.

Red Palace is the main part of the Potala Palace, where there is a pagoda hall for the spirits of the Dalai Lama from various times and various Buddhist worship spaces. Among these, the most beautiful is the porch of the pagoda for the spirits of the Dalai Lama V Losan Jiacuo. The pagoda has reached a height of 15 meters. The bottom is square shaped, while the roof is circular in shape. The bodies of the Dalai Lama V stored in the pagoda after preserved with fragrance materials and other ingredients. The pagoda covered with gold weighing 3724 kilograms and studded with more than 15 thousand diamonds, emeralds, pearls, jade and agate are expensive. On the pedestal pagoda, laid out a variety of tools for the prayer ceremony. The Potala Palace in 1994 is listed in the List of Natural and Cultural Heritage Site by UNESCO.

Potala Palace Pictures China

Potala Palace Pictures China. Img Via: wbudowie.pl

Potala Palace Tibet Panorama

Potala Palace Tibet Panorama. Img Via: travelmint.com

Potala Palace Tibet China

Potala Palace Tibet China. Img Via: thelandofsnows.com

Potala Palace Tibet Photo

Potala Palace Tibet Photo. Img Via: photosdaily.com

Potala Palace Tibet At Winter

Potala Palace Tibet At Winter

Potala Palace Pictures

Potala Palace Pictures. Img Via: touropia.com

Potala Palace Tibet Pictures

Potala Palace Tibet Pictures. Img Via: sonyaandtravis.com

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