Santorini, The Most Romantic Island in The World

Santorini Beautiful Photo
Santorini Beautiful Photo

Thousands of couples get away to Santorini and not without reason. The island landscape is unique and romantic impressed, as well as the sun sets here look more gold and intimate. This is why Santorini is referred to as the most romantic island in the world.

Santorini is a volcanic island located between the island of Ios and Anafi, Greece. The island has a superb view. Just imagine you’re in the middle of a white building located on a cliff. Plus, while enjoying the beautiful sunset with people you love. Nature never as romantic as this.

No wonder if the Santorini often becomes the main destination for couples or newlyweds. Various hotels there offers maximum romantic experience. There are several villages that can be selected to spend an unforgettable holiday.

Santorini Greece

Santorini Greece

One of the most famous villages is Fira. The village is also the capital of the island has the most beautiful landscape among other villages. In this village there isĀ the most fitting spot to enjoy the sunset.

Santorini Fira Photo

Santorini Fira Photo. Img Via:

Oia is touted as the best place to view the spectacular sunset. Because well-known, this place is also one of the most crowded destinations. Do not worry, there is one spot that is not too crowded, but still had a stunning view of the sunset. Come to Firostefani and enjoy the sunsets with a backdrop of volcanoes.

Santorini Oia Sunset

Santorini Oia Sunset. Img Via:

If you are looking for the original building of Santorini, came to the village of Karterados. There, lined with traditional style homes typical of Santorini. White house with the blue roof decorate this area. Tempted? The village is located 2 km to the north of the village of Fira.

While Santorini also has some beautiful beaches. One of them is the beach of Kamari. This beach has soft black sand. Lots of tourists who spend time there with swimming, sunbathing and diving.

Santorini White and Blue Color Combination

Santorini White and Blue Color Combination

Santorini Greece At Summer Time

Santorini Greece At Summer Time. Img Via:

Santorini Greece Pool

Santorini Greece Pool

Santorini Building in OIA

Santorini Building in OIA. Img Via:

Santorini Beautiful Photo

Santorini Beautiful Photo

Santorini Romantic Dinner

Santorini Romantic Dinner. Img Via:

Santorini Building Photo At Night

Santorini Building Photo At Night. Img Via:

Santorini Luxury Hotel

Santorini Luxury Hotel. Img Via:

Santorini Infinity Pool

Santorini Infinity Pool. Img Via:

Santorini Greece At Sunset

Santorini Greece At Sunset

Santorini Greece Wallpaper

Santorini Greece Wallpaper

Santorini Beautiful Photo At Sunset

Santorini Beautiful Photo At Sunset. Img Via;

Santorini Beautiful Panorama

Santorini Beautiful Panorama. Img Via:

Santorini Lights At Night

Santorini Lights At Night. Img Via:

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