St Mark’s Basilica, The Exotic Landmark in Venice

St Mark's Basilica Photo
St Mark's Basilica Photo

For lovers of history, then Italy is a tourist destination with thousands of stories that would never ending. One of the tourist attractions in Italy is rich in history, is St Mark’s Basilica. The place is called the local community with the name of Basilica di San Marco is the most famous church in the city of Venice, Italy. This magnificent church is situated on the northern edge of St Mark’s Square and adjacent to the Doge’s Palace.

In the past, St. Mark’s Basilica is a church chapel part of Doge’s Palace which was built in 828. The chapel was later replaced by a new church in 1832 where St Mark’s Basilica that now. Because the design of luxury and gold-plated mosaic, this church is also known as the Chiesa d’Oro or the “Church of Gold”.

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The St Mark’s Basilica church has five domes, four domes above each side of the church, and one dome above the intersection of the lines cross. Dome in the central and western parts are greater in size than the other three domes. The floor is made of marble and arranged to form geometric patterns and shapes of animals. While parts of the walls and the roof, decorated with gilded mosaics and precious stones that tell the stories from the book of the old covenant and the new covenant.

We recommend you to use the vaporetto to visit the Basilica di San Marco, a kind of water bus with a ticket price of the most affordable when compared to other types of boats in Venezia. Vaporetto ticket prices are as follows:

  • € 6.50 for a single use (single trip)
  • € 14 for pass 12 hours,
  • € 16 for pass 24 hours,
  • € 26 for pass 48 hours,
  • € 31 for pass 72 hours,

But for those who want to feel the sensation of using the gondola, then set up a € 80 fee to rent a boat typical of the city of Venice with a duration of 50 minutes.

St Mark's Basilica Photo

St Mark’s Basilica Photo

St Mark's Basilica Venice

St Mark’s Basilica Venice

St Mark's Basilica Venice Photo

St Mark’s Basilica Venice Photo

St Mark's Basilica

St Mark’s Basilica

St Mark's Basilica Dome From Top

St Mark’s Basilica Dome From Top

St Mark's Basilica Italy

St Mark’s Basilica Italy

St Mark's Basilica Inside Photo

St Mark’s Basilica Inside Photo

St Mark's Basilica Inside

St Mark’s Basilica Inside

St Mark's Basilica Inside Pictures

St Mark’s Basilica Inside Pictures

St Mark's Basilica Interior Photo

St Mark’s Basilica Interior Photo

St Mark's Basilica Horses

St Mark’s Basilica Horses

St Mark's Basilica Horses

St Mark’s Basilica Horses

St Mark's Basilica Mosaics Venice

St Mark’s Basilica Mosaics Venice

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