Stade Velodrome, The Pride Stadium of Marseille Community

Stade Velodrome Stadium Aerial
Stade Velodrome Stadium Aerial. Img Via:

Stade Velodrome – The main headquarters of the famous French club, Olympique Marseille is the second largest stadium in France and is the pride of the people of Marseille. The previous name of this stadium is Stade de I’Huveaune.

The stadium stands thanks to the design of renowned architect Henry Ploquin who previously also been the architect for Stade Municipal Gingham used for the Olympics. The stadium started its construction phase on April 28, 1935 by the mayor of Marseille, Ribot.

The initial idea of the construction of the Stade Velodrome is for the preparation of France appointed by FIFA to host the World Cup in 1938. The construction that takes two years was also completed in 1937 or exactly a year before the official world cup was held. According to official records, the first match that took place at the Stade Velodrome is Marseille match against Torino that took place on June 13, 1937.

Stade Velodrome During The Game

Stade Velodrome During The Game. Img Via:

Similar to the Parc des Princes, Stade Velodrome also has a running track and a racing bicycle. The trajectory of lasting for many decades before finally restored for the sake of expanding the capacity and the capacity of the stadium is deemed lacking by some supporters of Marseille.

The restoration took place in 1970. The capacity of the stadium, which was initially only able to accommodate 49,000 thousand spectators transformed into 55,000 thousand spectators. Renovation and restoration of this stadium again occur in order to hold the 1984 European Cup event which at that time also took place in France.

However, due to the renovation, the capacity was 55,000 thousand was reduced to 42,000 spectators. It was only in the third renovation for the 1998 World Cup welcome mat, Stade Velodrome increased capacity to 60,000 spectators.

Stade Velodrome Stadium Inside Photo

Stade Velodrome Stadium Inside Photo. Img Via:

However, the stands became the target of criticism from the fans because they do not completely cover the spectator seats. The criticism was responded quickly by the city of Marseille with renovations to welcome the European Cup in 2016. In addition, the capacity is also increased to 67,000 spectators.

Stade Velodrome in the present, not just a venue for soccer arena. Various sporting events were also held at this place include Rugby, boxing, tennis, hockey and motor racing. Even music concerts are also often held in this stadium. Stade Velodrome is an icon and a hallmark of pride for the people of Marseille. That is why the city council and the government of Marseille have never received an offer from the private sector to investing and change the name of this stadium.

Stade Velodrome Stadium Aerial

Stade Velodrome Stadium Aerial. Img Via:

Stade Velodrome Inside Photo

Stade Velodrome Inside Photo. Img Via:

Stade Velodrome Stadium Photo

Stade Velodrome Stadium Photo. Img Via:

Stade Velodrome Stadium At Night Aerial View

Stade Velodrome Stadium At Night Aerial View. Img Via:

Stade Velodrome Stadium Outside Photo

Stade Velodrome Stadium Outside Photo. Img Via:

Stade Velodrome Marseille Roof

Stade Velodrome Marseille Roof. Img Via:

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