The Royal Palace of Turin, Italy

Royal Palace of Turin Pictures
Royal Palace of Turin Pictures. Img Via:

For history buffs, traveled to visit the Royal Palace is sure to be an interesting thing to be missed. If you are in the city of Turin, Italy, then we will find a lot of pallazo or palaces that can be used as a tourist destination. One of the most famous Pallazo is The Royal Palace of Turin or commonly called by local people with the name of the Palazzo Reale.

The history of this castle began in 1646 when Madam Christine from the kingdom of France who wants to build a new palace to replace the Palazzo del Vescovo. Palazzo designed by Carlo Morello in 1658 was built in a square shape with a courtyard located in the interior of the palace. This palazzo was used as the residence of the Kings of Sardinia until 1859 and King Vittorio Emanuele II until 1865 before finally opened to the public as it is today.

f you view into the inside of the Royal Palace of Turin, visitors will be treated to a variety of interior decor and furniture by famous Italian artists from the 17th century until the late 19th century. Climb the monumental staircase made by Domenico Ferri in 1864 to 1865, we will also see some exhibitions of paintings and sculptures from the 18th century.

Royal Palace of Turin Photo

Royal Palace of Turin Photo

Visitors who follow the tour around the castle will be taken to several places of interest that store thousands of historical stories about the existence of The Royal Palace of Turin. The rooms were visited first usually is Cuirassiers, where visitors are greeted by the existence of two tapestries which were the work of Beauvais, about the year 1695. On the wall of the room is decorated with several paintings of the 17th century by Charles-Claude Dauphin and Don Quixote tapestries from Gobelins created in 1746.

Furthermore, visitors will be invited to pass through a stately room called “Throne”. In the room that held the gold ornaments in the vault, we can also see the lavish interior decorations contain various furniture arranged so pretty by Carlo Alberto with the aid of Pelagio Pelagi. The other room is on display for the visitors is a private room of Queen consisting of a bedroom, den, and a bathroom. This room also contains paintings by Piffetti (1731), and Benedetto Alfieri (1739) on the inside of the Queen’s private chapel.

The Royal Palace of Turin is open every Saturday and Sunday at 09:00 to 12:00, and then reopened at 15:00 to 17:00. Ticket prices for entrance into this palace is € 6.50 for adults, € 3.25 for visitors aged 18 to 25 years. As for visitors under 18 years old are not charged an entrance fee or free.

To reach the place located in Piazzetta Reale, you can use the city bus Line A or Line B towards Piazza Castello. We can also use the city bus GTT numbers 6, 11, 12, 27, 56, or 57. Buses with Turin airport passengers from 05:00 to midnight. The GTT ticket price of € 1.50 for the validation for 90 minutes, € 5.00 for a daily ticket, a package of 5 tickets costing of € 6.50 and the package 15 tickets costing of € 17.50. In addition, we can also use a taxi, if have more funds.

Royal Palace of Turin Pictures

Royal Palace of Turin Pictures. Img Via:

Royal Palace of Turin At Night Photo

Royal Palace of Turin At Night Photo. Img Via:

Royal Palace of Turin Image

Royal Palace of Turin Image. Img Via:

Royal Palace of Turin Italy

Royal Palace of Turin Italy. Img Via:

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