Thermae Bath SPA, Enjoy The Sensation of A Natural Hot Spring Baths

Thermae Bath SPA Photo
Thermae Bath SPA Photo

Did you know that the elegance of the old town of Bath ranks top in tourist destinations in the UK? Hot springs into tourist object was located in the small town of Bath Spa, the only area that stores hot springs in the UK. Now the hot springs is estimated as relics of the Roman Empire 2000 years ago, has been immortalized in the Roman Bath Museum. Once you visit the Roman Bath, you can enjoy the sensation of hot water at the Thermae Bath Spa is located near Roman Bath.

The city of Bath was written as a World Heritage Site in 1987. It is located in southwest England, approximately 156 km from London. You can see the beauty of the city is equipped with a pretty garden. If the beauty of the city do you think is the pavement stones, river flows quietly, charming castles, bridges and old Roman building which full of history, it is guaranteed you will definitely like a walk in the city of Bath, England.

In the Thermae Bath Spa, you can experience spa services to soak while reflecting your body after a tiring trip. The water in this place, utilizing the existing hot water. The elegance of the old city of Bath will make you amazed and impressed. Remnants of ancient Roman style architecture visible everywhere will spoil your eyes. In the Thermae Bath Spa, visitors can feel the pleasure of a hot water bath with modern amenities that source of water flowed directly from Roman Bath. The Bath shows that the Romans had the foresight and technology to take advantage of the hot springs in this city as a place for tourism, as well as historical relics. Besides Thermal Bath Spa, you can also visit the church of Bath Abbey, Fashion Museum, and Royal Crescent.

Thermae Bath SPA UK

Thermae Bath SPA UK. Img Via:

To get to Bath, you can take a train from London Paddington station, about a 1.5 hour journey to Bath. 2 hour spa package per person amounted to 61.50 euros. This fee includes an admission ticket to the Roman Bath and 3 meals in the Pump Room. In order for your activities more smoothly, we recommend that you make a reservation 2 days in advance. In this city, you can stay at the inn with a charming architecture such as the Royal Hotel, Lansdown Grove Hotel, or Parade Park Hotel.

Thermae Bath SPA Indoor

Thermae Bath SPA Indoor. Img Via:

Thermae Bath SPA Pictures

Thermae Bath SPA Pictures. Img Via:

Thermae Bath SPA Pool UK

Thermae Bath SPA Pool UK. Img Via:

Thermae Bath SPA Photo

Thermae Bath SPA Photo

Thermae Bath SPA England

Thermae Bath SPA England. Img Via:

Thermae Bath SPA Image

Thermae Bath SPA Image. Img Via:

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