Geirangerfjord, One of The Prettiest Sights in Norway

Geirangerfjord Photo Norway
Geirangerfjord Photo Norway. Img Via:

The existence of the bay as the variation in the plains is not a stranger to maritime State. Not only Indonesia, other countries also have a beautiful panorama of the bay and serves as a tourist attraction. One of them is the bay of Geiranger (Geirangerfjord) in Norway, Northern Europe.

In Norwegian, the bay of Geiranger known as the Geirangerfjord. The word “fjord” is Norwegian for calling the bay. Usually fjord will appear as super thick melting ice called glaciers began to melt and commemorate the mainland.

Norway is a country in Northern Europe that has the most glacial lake in the world. See the panorama in Geirangerfjord that formed from glacier will satisfy your desire to explore the great outdoors. Some interesting places worth a visit and immortalized in photos when stopped at Geirangerfjord are:

Seven Sisters Waterfall

Seven Sisters Waterfall At Geirangerfjord Norway

Seven Sisters Waterfall At Geirangerfjord Norway. Img Via:

Seven sisters waterfall is the most visited waterfall in Geiranger. Located next to the abandoned agricultural land, Seven sisters presenting the view of seven waterfalls flow directly toward the bay. However, when the falls were receding and dries, it just looks 6 waterfalls cascading down the cliff.


Dalsnibba At Geirangerfjord Norway

Dalsnibba At Geirangerfjord Norway

Dalsnibba is a mountain peak that is most popular among the visitors at Geirangerfjord . From the top of Dalsnibba, you can see the view of the Geirangerfjord panorama.

The Suitor

The Suitor is located opposite the Seven sisters. Altitude waterfall is not as high as other waterfalls in the area. So the waterfall that falls on the rocks form the curve resembles a bottle.


Flydalsjuvet At Geirangerfjord Norway

Flydalsjuvet At Geirangerfjord Norway. Img Via:

Flydalsjuvet within 64.3 km from the center of the Geirangerfjord. Amenities in Flydalsjuvet are amended so as to make the tourists became more comfortable. There are several cruises that often crosses Flydalsjuvet region. This certainly adds to the idiosyncrasies of the region as a tourist destination in the Geirangerfjord.

Geirangerfjord Norway Panorama

Geirangerfjord Norway Panorama. Img Via:

Geirangerfjord Norway Beautiful Pictures

Geirangerfjord Norway Beautiful Pictures. Photo credit: Jennifer Crites

Geirangerfjord Pictures Norway

Geirangerfjord Pictures Norway. Img Via:

Geirangerfjord Photo Norway

Geirangerfjord Photo Norway. Img Via:

Geirangerfjord Nature Photo

Geirangerfjord Nature Photo. Img Via:

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