Little Venice, London, Enjoy The Scenery while Sailing

Little Venice Boats
Little Venice Boats. Img Via:

Who says only Italian which has Venice? In the UK, we can also enjoy a canoe to paddle down the canal located around London. One option activities undertaken by tourists during a visit to London is boating down the River Thames. But actually, there are other ways if you want to down the river without having to worry about rushing rivers and big boats passing. Travelers can sail safely on the canal scattered throughout London.

In the Paddington area, there are some beautiful rivers and canals. Regent canal is one of the rivers which flow into sailing locations and is known as Little Venice of London. The canal flows from Paddington Basin and culminate in the Grand Union Canal north of central London. The flow channels will flow through wide Regent’s Park and Camden Market, which is always crowded by people who are shopping.

At first, the Regent Canal is a channel designed to connect large river with the Grand Union Canal, which carries basic supplies such as food, clothing and other basic materials to all regions in the UK.

Little Venice London

Little Venice London. Img Via:

If you want to enjoy the thrill of sailing in Little Venice, start with breakfast at the Waterside Café. This is not just any cafe, but a boat converted into a floating cafe. Visitors can enjoy a meal and a cup of coffee or tea with a beautiful view. During the trip, we can also see water birds such as pelicans, storks and more.

When sailing, ship captains normally will allow the tourists to shop in Camden Market. When docked, you can walk along the banks of canals and buy snacks that are sold. For those of you who love to shop, you can stop by the vintage shops that sell handicrafts, clothing and music stores that sell vinyl.

If you want to use the waterbus, you can go to the dock Brownings Pool in Warwick Ave. You can enjoy the cruise every day except Christmas, New Year and winter. Hours of operation from 07:00 am to 19:00 pm. To reach the dock, you can use the bus numbers 6, 46, 187, 414 and then stop on Warwick Ave. We can also use the train or tube with the goal of the Warwick Street Station, then continued to walk about 5 minutes.

Little Venice London At Night

Little Venice London At Night. Img Via:

Little Venice London Boating

Little Venice London Boating. Img Via:

Little Venice Boat Photo

Little Venice Boat Photo. Img Via:

Little Venice London Waterbus

Little Venice London Waterbus. Img via:

Little Venice London Pictures

Little Venice London Pictures. Img Via:

Little Venice London Photo

Little Venice London Photo. Img Via:

Little Venice Boats

Little Venice Boats. Img Via:

Little Venice London Biking

Little Venice London Biking. Img Via:

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