Na Pali Coast, Visiting The Most Beautiful Stretches in Hawaii

Na Pali Coast Hawaii
Na Pali Coast Hawaii. Image Via:

Perhaps only the Na Pali Coast, the only tourist destination in Hawaii is always listed in the itinerary of tourists from all over the world. Yes, the Na Pali coast is very beautiful. Secluded place, namely in Kauai, precisely in the west of Hanalei Bay, did not make them feel free to visit the most beautiful stretches of the archipelago.

Na Pali Coast deserves to be a popular destination. The expanse of nature is very intriguing. Green waters at the edge and the more blue in the middle. Some corners lined with a cluster of hills and valleys which from a distance looks green with red accents. 17-mile coastline, featuring a broad and beautiful panorama. The cliff looks like velvet, falls down on the sidelines of a narrow valley.

Every day, you will see a few tourists who casually leisure activities such as kayaking, swimming and saw the wealth of Na Pali Coast underwater. Because of the clarity of the water, we will easily see a variety of fish that became residents of this beach.

Na Pali Coast Hike

Na Pali Coast Hike

Na Pali Coast Kayaking Photo

Na Pali Coast Kayaking Photo. Image via:

Well, the easiest way to visit the Na Pali Coast is to take advantage of the services of a tour that will take you to the location by boat. The tourist boat departs from Port Allen on the West Side. There are also tourists who tested the kayak to get to this beautiful beach. During the summer, kayaking activity will be guided to visit some amazing angles. Na Pali Coast can also be reached by air. From the air, the landscape of the Na Pali Coast looks clear and mesmerizing.

If you want another challenge, you can try to access via the Kalalau Trail. This walk activity starts from Kee beach and crosses five different valleys. This trip is very challenging, especially if the weather is rainy cause hiking paths wet and slippery. The 11-mile trip will be taken within 2 days. The first stop is on the Hanakoa beach. At this point we will set up tents for the night and restore power. The next day, the journey continues to the Na Pali Coast. Anyway, for those interested in hiking and camping, you must apply for permission in advance at the Hawaii State Park Division Office, Lihue. The climb in the winter is not recommended because the terrain is too dangerous.

Na Pali Coast Hawaii

Na Pali Coast Hawaii. Image Via:

Na Pali Coast Amazing Photo

Na Pali Coast Amazing Photo. Image Via:

Na Pali Coast Panorama

Na Pali Coast Panorama. Image Via:

Na Pali Coast Caves

Na Pali Coast Caves. Image Via:

Na Pali Coast Kauai Hawaii

Na Pali Coast Kauai Hawaii

Na Pali Coast Beach

Na Pali Coast Beach. Image Via:

Na Pali Coast Kayaking

Na Pali Coast Kayaking. Image Via:

Na Pali Coast Hike Photo

Na Pali Coast Hike Photo. Image Via:

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