Puerta del Sol, The First Place To Start The Journey in The City of Madrid

Puerta del Sol Madrid Photography
Puerta del Sol Madrid Photography. Img Via: thousandwonders.net

To begin the visit in the city of Madrid is most appropriately started from Puerta del Sol. Puerta del Sol is Madrid’s city center. This place is one of the busiest in Madrid and be a bridge to get to the main attractions of the capital. Initially, the Puerta del Sol is one of the gates of the fortress surrounding Madrid in the 15th century.  The gate was named Puerta del Sol which means the sun gate, because it is located on the east side of the city and its doors are always exposed to the sun rises. In the middle of Puerta del Sol, there is a statue of King Carlos III who was riding the horse.

The statue was placed there in 1997, facing the CASA de Correos. CASA de Correos is a beautiful building that consists of red brick and is derived from the 18th century as the main post office. When the Franco regime in power, the building was used as a police station arrest the rebels. Now the clock-towered building into a local government office of Madrid.

On the sidewalk in front of CASA de Correos, there is a metal plate as a mark of zero kilometer point. The zero kilometer point is not just to be downtown Madrid, but also Spain. All road distances are calculated from that point. In addition to CASA de Correos and the zero kilometer point, we can also see the symbol of the city of Madrid in the square. Its symbol is a statue of a bear eating a strawberry from the tree. The statue was named El Oso y El Madroño and weighs 20 tons. The bear and the strawberry tree have become a symbol of Madrid since the Middle Ages.

Puerta del Sol Madrid, Bear Statue

Puerta del Sol Madrid, Bear Statue

To reach this place, you just have to take the subway M1, M2, or M3 towards Sol station. During a tour in Madrid, you can stay at Husa Paseo Del Arte Hotel, H10 Villa de la Reina Hotel, Melia Madrid Princesa Hotel, Vincci Capitol Hotel or Francisco I Hotel. Other interesting destinations that can be visited are the Casa de la Panaderia, Plaza Mayor, and Gran Via.

Puerta del Sol Madrid Spain

Puerta del Sol Madrid Spain. Img Via: miradormadrid.com

Puerta del Sol Madrid Photography

Puerta del Sol Madrid Photography. Img Via: thousandwonders.net

Puerta del Sol At Night Photo

Puerta del Sol At Night Photo. Img Via: panoramio.com

Puerta del Sol Madrid Bear Eating Strawberry

Puerta del Sol Madrid Bear Eating Strawberry. Img Via: ogotours.es

Puerta del Sol People Activity

Puerta del Sol People Activity. Img Via: holidayguru.es

Puerta del Sol City Center

Puerta del Sol City Center. Img Via: panoramio.com

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