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Battersea Park England Photo
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In addition to Wembley Stadium, one of the historic places in English football is Battersea Park. When the first Football Association issued new regulations, Battersea Park is the place chosen for holding the football with the new regulation.

The park also has a history as a venue for the annual sculpture exhibition for several times. In this park, there are now some of the statues that still stand. Additionally, Battersea Park is a park that is equipped with a zoo, a lake and is often used for sports activities, sightseeing or leisure. An area of 83 hectares is located in the south of the river Thames, in Battersea, London Borough of Wandsworth, England.

Battersea Park, which has an area of 83 hectares would be used for sports activities, one of which is football. At that time, there has been no official rules governing the game of football. Football matches were held normally use rules created its own and is only valid at the venue. Battersea Park received the honor as a place that used to hold the first game of football with new FA regulations.

Battersea Park London Walkway Photo

Battersea Park London Walkway Photo. Img Via:

Battersea Park is now equipped with a variety of attractions such as a small zoo for children, facilities for boating on the lake, a stage for musical performances, as well as various sports facilities. In this park there is also a building which standsĀ majestically, the Peace Pagoda, a monument symbolizing world peace.

Peace Pagoda lies not only in England, but scattered and built around the world. This is an attempt of Nichidatsu Fuji, a Buddhist monk from Japan, who want world peace and free of nuclear weapons, especially after the bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki in World War II.

In the area of Battersea Park, there are several statues that adorn the park. The statues are a relic of the annual sculpture exhibition event held at Battersea Park in 1948, 1951, 1960, 1963 and 1966. Some of the statues is a memorial for the victims of war and also a certain figure, such as sculpture by Dame Barbara Hepsworth in the south of the lake which is a memorial to Dag Hammarskjold, the UN Secretary General. Another sculpture “Three Standing Figures” by Henry Moore created to remember the victims of war.

Battersea Park Pictures

Battersea Park Pictures

Battersea Park Image

Battersea Park Image. Img Via:

Battersea Park UK

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Battersea Park is a city park that has a long history, whether it was a tragic event or important moments. The park is also equipped with various facilities for visitors to do various activities such as recreation or sport. A leisurely walk or jog while enjoying the natural beauty of this park will be interesting activities on the sidelines of the daily bustle.

Admission: Free. Hours of Operation: 8:00 am – afternoon. Some gates sometimes open early for those who want to run in the morning, and also closed the evening for the exercise until the evening. Public transport: The nearest subway station: Sloane Square Tube Station. Nearest train station: Battersea Park Station, Queenstown Park Station, Victoria Station. Bus: routes 19, 44, 49, 137, 156, 239, 319, 344, 345, 452.

Battersea Park England Photo

Battersea Park England Photo. Img Via:

Battersea Park Water Fountain

Battersea Park Water Fountain. Img Via:

Battersea Park, Putt in The Park

Battersea Park, Putt in The Park

Battersea Park Bench

Battersea Park Bench. Img Via:

Battersea Park Pond Photo

Battersea Park Pond Photo. Img Via:

Battersea Park Pagoda London

Battersea Park Pagoda London. Img Via:

Battersea Park Photo

Battersea Park Photo. Img:

Battersea Park Fountain

Battersea Park Fountain. Img Via:

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