Tate Modern, The Modern Art Gallery Located in London

Tate Modern Museum Exterior Photo
Tate Modern Museum Exterior Photo. Img Via: artfund.org

Tate Modern is a museum of modern art gallery located in London. Tate Modern, has a collection of art from the Tate Britain, Tate Liverpool, Tate St Ives and Tate Online. Tate Modern is a museum which has 4.7 million visitors per year. Tate holds the national collection of British art from 1900 to the present, modern and contemporary international art.

The artwork is stored in the Bankside Power Station, which was originally designed by Sir Giles Gilbert Scott, architect of Battersea Power Station and was built in two phases between 1947 and 1963. In 1992 the Tate Gallery, National Art Museum of England proposes a competition to build a new building for modern art. The purpose of the new building will help the development of the collection of modern and contemporary art. In 1995 it was announced that Herzog & de Meuron have won the competition with a simple design.

The Tate Modern is the process of finding a new life in old buildings. The building itself still resembles a factory in the 20th century in the style of the exterior, which is reflected in the taupe walls, steel beams and concrete floors. The building is made of 4.2 million bricks were separated by thin vertical windows that create a dramatic glow.

Tate Modern currently has seven floors. The museum is divided into four wings, each roughly half the floor of the main building. Each wing has a theme or subject of art. In each wing there are some rooms that change periodically displays different works in accordance with the overall themes such as History / Memory / Society, Nude / Action / Body, Landscape / Matter / Environment and Still Life / Object / Real Life.

The museum is open every day from 10.00 am – 18.00 pm. To visit this museum is no admission. Admission tickets applied when there is an art exhibition at the museum. Tate Modern is closed every 24th, 25th and 26th December and open again on January 1. If you want to visit this museum, you can use transport nearby London Underground station into Tate Modern.

You can also take a bus that stops near the museum, route 45, 63 and 100 stops at Blackfriars Bridge Road, the RV 1 and 381 stops in Southwark, and route 344 stops on Southwark Bridge Road. In addition, visitors can also try to ride the boat Tate transportation that runs every 40 minutes along the Thames between Tate Britain and Tate Modern. Other river services running between Millbank Pier and Bankside Pier.

Tate Modern Photo

Tate Modern Photo. Img Via: oneholidayrentals.com

Tate Modern Museum Building Photo In London

Tate Modern Museum Building Photo In London. Img Via: inexhibit.com

Tate Modern Museum In London

Tate Modern Museum In London. Img Via: londonkatalog.com

Tate Modern Museum Exterior Photo

Tate Modern Museum Exterior Photo. Img Via: artfund.org

Tate Modern Inside Photo

Tate Modern Inside Photo. Img Via: wtg-global.net

Tate Modern Museum Inside Photo

Tate Modern Museum Inside Photo

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