Mount Kilimanjaro, The Very Exotic Mountain and Safe Guide To Climb It

Kilimanjaro Mountain
Kilimanjaro Mountain. Image Via:

Kilimanjaro is a mountain that is very exotic. The mountain is located on the African continent which is exactly located in the state of Tanzania near the Kenya border. Every year tourists come to Tanzania to see the beauty of the peak, which often is covered by snow. Kilimanjaro is the highest mountain on the African continent with a height of approximately 5900 meters.

There are several designations are made by the local community regarding this Kilimanjaro mountain. Some call “a very big mountain” those that call Kilimanjaro as “mountain caravan”. The term “mountain caravan” appeared in the Kilimanjaro mountain like a white beacon that lights that used to lead the caravan across the African outback in the know have a fairly difficult terrain.

Mount Kilimanjaro not an ordinary mountain. In addition to unique, this mountain was very impressive, because it consists of three volcanic peaks. Kibo (Uhuru) is the first volcanic peaks and Mawenzi is the second volcanic peaks. Peak Shira is the third peak. The third peak, towering in the area of Tanzania and is a symbol and pride of the local community.

If you already are at the top of the mountain, there are some amazing things that can be found and can be felt. The air is clean and cold, glaciers and ice sheets were spacious and clean white, a beautiful contrast with the dark mountain area. The air is thin and contains roughly half the levels of oxygen at sea level.

The size and mass of Mount Kilimanjaro enormous allowed to create their own climate. Wet wind, blowing from the Indian Ocean passing through lowland semiarid, crashing Kilimanjaro and turn over so that then condenses and produces precipitation. This thus enables the public about farming because the soil is fertile. One famous natural outcome in Tanzania is cropped.

Mount Kilimanjaro Pictures with Safaris

Mount Kilimanjaro Pictures with Safaris. Image Via:

Safe Guide To Climb Mount Kilimanjaro

Climb one of the seven highest peaks in the world will not be easy. You need to set a few things. Starting from practicing before climbing up to learn some behavior is and is not appropriate to do during the ascent. You need to be honest with a companion who will accompany reached the top of the mountain. Here are some things you can look if you want to climb Mount Kilimanjaro:

Kilimanjaro Map Pictures

Kilimanjaro Map Pictures. Image Via:

Practicing Before Climbing

Practicing before the ascent is very important to do. You can perform a routine run every afternoon of using shoes that will be used for climbing. Thus, you can figure out what would make you comfortable when climbing.

Do Not Complain

Not too much to complain when climbing a mountain. Because before the climb, you should know that the ascent to one of the highest peaks in the world will be severe. Climbing companion, Justaz Molel says that what is complained by a climber can be transmitted to the other climbers.

“Sometimes you see one person complained of headache and then the entire group of headaches. You do not know why it could happen, “said Molel.

Honest To Companion

Companion accompanies you in climbing will be escorted to the top of the mountain. They also once worked as a therapist when you feel something is not right or have trouble climbing. So, do not lie on companion during the climb to Kilimanjaro. Reveal what you feel, both about the state of the body that is getting weak or something else. So that they can take appropriate action to help you.

Do Not Give Up Easily

If you really want to climb, do not easily think of giving up. Skip any that you feel with optimism and a positive attitude. In the condition that tired, you can still enjoy the jokes with the other climbers. But remember, use it to entertain ourselves and not excessive.

Grateful For The Little Things

No matter how small the achievement that you get during the climb, thankful for it. Thank the little things like you can reach one by one heading to rest.

Kilimanjaro Pictures

Kilimanjaro Pictures

Kilimanjaro Mountain Pictures

Kilimanjaro Mountain Pictures. Image Via:

Mount Kilimanjaro with Cloud Pictures

Mount Kilimanjaro with Cloud Pictures

Kilimanjaro Mountain

Kilimanjaro Mountain. Image Via:

Mount Kilimanjaro Safaris Elephants

Mount Kilimanjaro Safaris Elephants. Image Via:

Kilimanjaro Peak Photo From Top

Kilimanjaro Peak Photo From Top. Image Via:

Kilimanjaro Giraffe

Kilimanjaro Giraffe. Image Via:

Kilimanjaro Safari Elephants

Kilimanjaro Safari Elephants. Image Via:

Kilimanjaro Summit with Snow

Kilimanjaro Summit with Snow. Image Via:

Kilimanjaro Summit Pictures

Kilimanjaro Summit Pictures. Image Via:

Kilimanjaro Summit Sunrise

Kilimanjaro Summit Sunrise

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