Paradise Cove, The Beautiful Coastal Scenery on The Edge of The Pacific Ocean

Paradise Cove Beach Malibu
Paradise Cove Beach Malibu

Pacific Coast Highway features views of the beautiful beach at the edge of the Pacific Ocean. One of them is the Paradise Cove that famous with a calm atmosphere. But you will not watch the beach while crossing the traffic lane California. Only there is a large board showing the direction towards the charming hidden cove in the path of the Pacific Coast Highway. Paradise Cove is a quiet bay beach. The beautiful bay once one of the shooting locations of the celebrated films such as Baywatch, American Pie 2, Sponge Bob Square Pants Movie, Gidget, The Rockford Files, Alias and Charlie’s Angeles.

A bay that offers beautiful beaches combined with the blue of the Pacific Ocean that is an area of calm waters so suitable as a family tourist destination. Tranquility and beauty make Paradise Cove to be a place to hold special events such as family parties, wedding celebrations and various other parties.

Visitors can relax on the beach, or stroll while enjoying the panoramic sunset. The beach is dotted with cliffs, tide pools and caves is a classy place to relax. Pier jutting into the sea becomes an interesting point to watch the beautiful cliffs and views as the sun back into the dusk. Visitors can also see live fish that swim from the top of the wooden pier. Every July, held a fireworks display that can be seen by visitors.

Paradise Cove Photo

Paradise Cove Photo

Some activities that can be carried out on the gulf coast that include swimming, beach volleyball, fishing from the top of the dock. In addition, there are tennis courts and a basketball court. Experience to eat a variety of delicious dishes at the beachside restaurant can be enjoyed here. Yes, Paradise Cove is synonymous with a restaurant called Bob Morris’s Paradise Cove Beach Café. This restaurant is the only restaurant that pawed the sand on the gulf coast of Malibu. The menu on offer is seafood. Each visitor will definitely be impressed with the best lobster dinner was served at the event.

The restaurant also provides breakfast menu, such as Belgian waffles, pancakes, waffle carrot cake, burrito, French toast and omelette cheese eggs. A variety of sandwiches and salads into a menu that can be selected for lunch. For those who want to just sit and enjoy a drink, the cafe became a pleasant place to hang out, especially every Thursday night you will be treated to live jazz music.

Paradise Cove can be visited 7 days a week, from sunrise to sunset. While the menu at Bob Morris’s Paradise Cove Beach Café can begin to enjoy at 08:00 am or 07:00 am on holidays. Visitors are not allowed to bring pets during a visit to this private beach. Surfing and barbeque also be activities that are not allowed to do here.

Visitors are not charged to enter the Paradise Cove area. But if you want to enjoy the panoramic view while relaxing in the recliner, visitors have to pay the rent by $ 50. The fee includes two beach chairs complete with parasol. If you want to rent an additional seat, the charge is $ 25. Visitors can also relax in the hut by the beach with paying $ 50. If you want a more private atmosphere, available cabana which can be rented at a price of $ 25.

To be able to reach Paradise Cove, visitors down the Pacific Coast Highway to the west as far as approximately 20 miles to the Malibu Pier. The private beach can be reached easily from there.

Paradise Cove California

Paradise Cove California. Img Via:

Paradise Cove Malibu Aerial Photo

Paradise Cove Malibu Aerial Photo. Img Via:

Paradise Cove Malibu

Paradise Cove Malibu. Img Via:

Paradise Cove Malibu California

Paradise Cove Malibu California. Img Via:

Paradise Cove Malibu Resort

Paradise Cove Malibu Resort

Paradise Cove Pictures Malibu

Paradise Cove Pictures Malibu. Img Via:

Paradise Cove Resort

Paradise Cove Resort. Img Via:

Paradise Cove Beach Malibu

Paradise Cove Beach Malibu

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