High Falls Gorge, The Stunning Waterfalls in New York

High Falls Gorge Image
High Falls Gorge Image. Img Via: hotelnorthwoods.com

High Falls Gorge is located at 4761 Route 86, Wilmington, New York 12997. Bring your camera and enjoy the walk up the Adirondack nature reserve for 30 minutes to get to this waterfall. Arriving at the location, you will be treated to breathtaking views of waterfalls that occur naturally from rocks, ice, water and wind.

You do not have to worry about getting lost through the route to the High Falls Gorge, because there is a road user. Even for visitors who uses a wheelchair, has provided an easy path to follow. For those who want to rent hikes boots, there is a rental place that you can find at the entrance.

After being on the edge of the falls, you can walk on the bridge, make a waterfall seemed closer. Do not be afraid to stand on opaque glass on the bottom of this bridge, you and your partner can capture the happy moments with the fantastic angle!

High Falls Gorge Photo

High Falls Gorge Photo. Img Via: Flickr/Dennis Barnes

The price of admission to the High Falls Gorge is approximately $ 10 – $ 20. When traveling to the location of this waterfall was quite far away, you should occasionally rest at some rest areas. While flexing the foot, visitors can also see the beauty of the largest nature reserve in New York. Like photography? Nothing wrong with taking pictures with family, friends or other visitors. Or capture amazing moments when thousands of birds migrate to the Adirondack forest. Some bird species found here include the Bicknell’s Thrush, Black Backed Woodpecker, Spruce Grouse, Gray Jays and much more.

High Falls Gorge is one of three attractions offered by the manager, the other two are the Natural Stone Bridge and Caves, and Ausable Chasm. There is a discount for visiting all three at once, then when you want to buy, try to check this budget package. When visiting the High Falls Gorge in winter, you will see the frozen waterfalls. Try to feel the burn marshmallows while camping and warm in this natural tourist site.

If you want to go to High Falls Gorge, select the New York State Northway I 87 via Exit 34, follow the path 86 West toward Wilmington. The location is 400 meters from Whiteface Mountain Ski Center. Come early in the day, because when it is too late to visit High Falls Gorge, you are only allowed to enjoy the beauty of the waterfall for 1 hour. Before going home, a time to buy souvenirs at River View Cafe High on this attraction.

High Falls Gorge Pictures

High Falls Gorge Pictures. Img Via: albanykid.com

High Falls Gorge New York Nature Tourism

High Falls Gorge New York Nature Tourism. Img Via: lakeplacid.com

High Falls Gorge NY

High Falls Gorge NY. Img Via: albanykid.com

High Falls Gorge Image

High Falls Gorge Image. Img Via: hotelnorthwoods.com

High Falls Gorge Bridge New York

High Falls Gorge Bridge New York. Img Via: melodywren.wordpress.com

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