Solstice Canyon, A Different Charm in Malibu

Solstice Canyon Hike Path
Solstice Canyon Hike Path. Img Via:

Located on Corral Canyon Road, Malibu, Solstice Canyon is part of the Santa Monica Mountains. Solstice Canyon is a beautiful climbing route, and maintained, complete with streams and small waterfalls. There is also a set of ancient buildings in ruins of moderate homes.

The ancient building in question is a stone hut belonging to Matthew Keller, a cattle rancher in the area. The farmer built his house in 1865. The cottage looked from one part of the Solstice Canyon are believed to be the oldest stone house in Malibu.

Other historic sites in the climbing area, there is a house designed by the Afro-American architect, Paul Williams, in 1952. The house has a natural concept, complete with a waterfall, river and park trees. In it, visitors can still find horseshoes and pieces of colored glass on the patio as well as the building foundation.

Solstice Canyon Ruins Malibu

Solstice Canyon Ruins Malibu. Img Via:

Hiking trails in the Malibu area are very suitable for the adventurous. Green jungle atmosphere punctuated by ripples of water of the river as well as a shady elder tree and sycamore that looked green. Fora long time this area has attracted many people to visit because of the quiet atmosphere and abundant natural resources.

Solstice Canyon offers hiking trails to the waterfalls and pools across the river and forest. Stone bridge was built in the forest conservation area that allows visitors to see the beauty of the river are also several other sites, including the ruins of the oldest stone house in Malibu. Visitors can also enjoy the sunrise by following the trail.

The route was first opened to the public in 1988 by The Santa Monica Mountains Conservancy, it offers educational shelter and studio theaters. Protected forests currently managed by the National Park Service also has free parking but limited. To be able to climb Solstice Canyon, visitors must enter through Corral Canyon Road, about a quarter kilometers north of Pacific Coast Highway. This area is open all year round and there is no entry fee.

If they want to explore Alma, tourists can visit Corral Canyon for a hike, looking at the beautiful ocean. Another destination is the Santa Monica Mountains, suitable for family recreation. Visitors can also relax in while watching whales at Malibu Bluffs Park.

Solstice Canyon Oasis Malibu

Solstice Canyon Oasis Malibu. Img Via:

Solstice Canyon Roberts House Pictures

Solstice Canyon Roberts House Pictures. Img Via:

Solstice Canyon Malibu California

Solstice Canyon Malibu California. Img Via:

Solstice Canyon Hike Path

Solstice Canyon Hike Path. Img Via:

Solstice Canyon Ruins

Solstice Canyon Ruins. Img Via:

Solstice Canyon Trail Malibu California

Solstice Canyon Trail Malibu California. Img Via:

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