Whiteface Mountain New York, The Best Places To Ski And Bobsledding

Whiteface Mountain Summit
Whiteface Mountain Summit. Img Via: squarespace.com

Whiteface Mountain is the fifth highest mountain in New York. From the top of Whiteface, you can see the Adirondack nature reserve, Vermont and Canada. Even when the weather was sunny, tall buildings in Montreal were more than 100 km away can be seen.

The mountain is located in Willmington, New York, 21 km from Lake Placid. The eastern slopes of Whitefaceare the most popular ski locations in the United States, Alpine Ski Competition in 1980 Winter Olympics ever held in this mountain.

Whiteface is part of the development of ski sports tourism after World War II. This attraction is dedicated to the return of the troops U.S. Army’s 10th Mountain Division. Whiteface Mountain is managed by the Olympic Regional Development Authority and become one of the best ski locations in North America. Snowy mountain hosted the U.S. Alpine Championship in 2010 and until now used as the U.S. Olympic training center.

Whiteface Mountain Summit Rocky Path

Whiteface Mountain Summit Rocky Path. Img Via: travelroads.com

To go skiing, you will be taken up using the elevator to a height of 1,337 m. The Slides or derivatives slopes of Whiteface Mountain have a path along 80 m and has a height of 1,417 m. With such a high slope, Whiteface Mountain beat vertical drop Aspen in Colorado, Park City, Utah, Killington, Stowe, Jay Peak and Stratton in Vermont, Sugarloaf in Maine, Lake Louise in Alberta and Mont Tremblant in Quebec. The Slides that have a slope of 35°-40° is only used by skiers who have advanced, because at this location, there are natural hazards like waterfalls, rocks, cliffs and trees.

Overall, the fifth highest mountain in New York has 35 km of ski locations, consisting of 87 lines. Of the 87 lines, 127 hectares has 35 in-bounds, off-piste double-black diamond in The Slides spot (with life guard permission). In addition, there are 34.6 hectares of tree skiing and for professional skiers can try the super extreme locations of 14 hectares.

Additionally, you can also enjoy Park N Pipe rides that became a bobsled skating or “gets snow” complete with track and pipeline thriller. Then there is also the Kid Campus, a special spot for families and children, at this location visitors can make a snowman and other family activities. Public transportation that you can use toward Whiteface Mountain is Adirondack Trailways Service, which operates around Lake Placid, Ticonderoga, Schroon Lake, Albany, New York City and the suburbs.

Whiteface Mountain Panorama

Whiteface Mountain Panorama. Img Via: whiteface.com

Whiteface Mountain At Winter

Whiteface Mountain At Winter. Img Via: lakeplacid.com

Whiteface Mountain Ski

Whiteface Mountain Ski. Img Via: epicski.com

Whiteface Mountain Starway

Whiteface Mountain Starway. Img Via: panoramio.com

Whiteface Mountain Trail

Whiteface Mountain Trail. Img Via: whitepostcards.wordpress.com

Whiteface Mountain Summit

Whiteface Mountain Summit. Img Via: squarespace.com

Whiteface Mountain Summit At Summer

Whiteface Mountain Summit At Summer. Img Via: Whiteface.com

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