8 Hidden Facts Behind The Magic Kingdom

Magic Kingdom Pictures
Magic Kingdom Pictures. Image Via: panoramio.com

The Magic Kingdom is one of the main rides that is in the Walt Disney World Resort. Standing in an area of 107 acres, this place is made with the aim that visitors can come to feel the bustle behind the scenes of the Disney World Resort crew. The crew was tasked to bring the magic to visitors every day.

If this place is the secret source of all Disney World Resort activity, then this place will stock some hidden facts interesting to know. Consider the following list:

  1. Hidden Mickeys, icons Mickey Mouse in silhouette could easily be found in every corner of this place. In the kitchen, on top of the oven, in the body of the pot, and much more. According to ehow.com, there is no official document stating the number of how many Hidden Mickeys in the Magic Kingdom.
  2. When it first opened on October 1, 1971, prices for admission to the Magic Kingdom is $ 3.50, or about one-tenth of current prices, IE $ 30.00.
  3. The Magic Kingdom has underground buildings consisting of intricate corridors named utilities. As the life of a city, this utility have separate lines that connect to the cafeteria, employee space, rehearsal space, and sanitary space.
  4. The Walt Disney Railroad contained in the Magic Kingdom is the original steam engine railroads were built since 1928.
  5. The figure of animated dog that is in the Carousel of Progress named Rover, taken from the old name of “Pluto” when it appears as a pet dog of Minnie Mouse.
  6. The goods are often missing in The Magic Kingdom is the glasses. More than 100 pairs of glasses are reported in Loss Part every day.
  7. The highest building in the magic kingdom is Cinderella’s Castle that is as high as 189 feet. The outside wall of the building is entirely made of fiberglass. The main road toward Cinderella’s Castle deliberately uphill so that when visitors finished browsing, can walk easily and not exhausting.
  8. More than 50 million glasses of soft drink, 7 million hot dogs and 300,000 pounds of popcorn booked at Walt Disney World. Cake aroma wafted in the Main Street area is actually an artificial aroma that is spread through the chimney cake production sites.

 Photo Gallery:

Magic Kingdom Photo

Magic Kingdom Photo. Image Via: orlandoattractions.com

Magic Kingdom Castle Photo

Magic Kingdom Castle Photo. Image Via: hotelroomsearch.net

Magic Kingdom Pictures

Magic Kingdom Pictures. Image Via: panoramio.com

Magic Kingdom Inside Pictures

Magic Kingdom Inside Pictures. Image Via: disneyeveryday.com

Magic Kingdom Inside Photo

Magic Kingdom Inside Photo. Image Via: disneytouristblog.com

Magic Kingdom Splash Mountain

Magic Kingdom Splash Mountain

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