Malibu Lagoon, The Best Beach For Surfers!

Malibu Lagoon Image
Malibu Lagoon Image. Img Via:

Malibu Lagoon is synonymous with surfing. The place is located next to the Malibu Pier is the only place most likely to surf in the Los Angeles area. The surfers of the world recognize it as a golden point for surfing in the summer. Its influence in the world of surfing can not be denied, because at this beach, surfing became a cultural and famous throughout the world.

Malibu Lagoon is an estuary that brings Malibu Creek to the Pacific Ocean, which is located on the Pacific Coast Highway and Cross Creek Road in Malibu. Besides being a place to surf, the area was also a favorite of anglers and tourists. Usually a boat that took them to the fishing on the high seas departing from the Malibu Pier. Visitors can also see gray whales directly in certain seasons.

Malibu Lagoon has three main wave point. The first point is the perfect wave that is very popular with long boarders. Surfer ever in action here such as Josh Farberow, Dane Peterson, and the Marshall brothers. The second point has a wave for highly skilled surfers. There is a section called ‘kitty bowl’ that is the part that connects the inside of the wave with the take-off area. Surfers who love to spend time here is Robert Von Sternberg, Ricky Schaffer and Allen Sarlo. As for the third point is the best and is always crowded in the summer, usually in late August and September. The waves in this area can reach a height of several meters above the dock.

Malibu Lagoon Surf Photo

Malibu Lagoon Surf Photo. Img Via:

Outskirts of the lagoon on the path of the Pacific Coast Highway standing houses on stilts that became exclusive occupancy. Visitors can also picnic on the west side of the Malibu Creek bridge, watching the flower garden with monarch butterflies and birds that migrate at certain times.
Aside from being a tourist destination, the Malibu coastal area has also become one of the objectives of the study due to its unique ecosystem, which is a combination of salt water and swamp water. If coming from the direction of Santa Monica, the route is to be up at Malibu Lagoon is by following the Pacific Coast Highway to the west. The parking location is located to the west of Malibu Creek Bridge.
Once satisfied surfing at Malibu Lagoon, tourists can also shop to multiple shopping destinations in Santa Monica. Visitors can also relax at Paradise Cove. For those who like adventure, you can climb Solstice Canyon to enjoy the beautiful forest environment.

Malibu Lagoon Photo

Malibu Lagoon Photo. Img Via:

Malibu Lagoon Image

Malibu Lagoon Image. Img Via:

Malibu Lagoon California

Malibu Lagoon California

Malibu Lagoon Photo From Above

Malibu Lagoon Photo From Above

Malibu Lagoon Beach California

Malibu Lagoon Beach California. Img Via:

Malibu Lagoon Beach Photo California

Malibu Lagoon Beach Photo California. Img Via:

Malibu Lagoon Restoration California

Malibu Lagoon Restoration California. Img Via:

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