Nashville in Tennessee, One of The Most Friendly City in The United States

Nashville Downtown Skyline Photo
Nashville Downtown Skyline Photo. Img Via:

Nashville, capital of Tennessee, located on the Cumberland River in the north central part of the state. Known as Music City, U.S.A., Nashville is the center of world music recordings. The city is also nicknamed the Athens of the South because of the many institutions of higher learning and Greek Revival-style buildings. Nashville covers an area of 533 square miles (1,380 square kilometers) and is the second largest city in Tennessee. Approximately 570,000 people live within the city limits.

Nashville has a growing economy. The city business fields are banking, insurance, printing and publishing; the music industry; and tourism. Nashville is a major producer of chemicals, food products, clothing, textiles, aircraft parts, and tires. Cars assembled in Smyrna and near Spring Hill.

Nashville City At Night

Nashville City At Night

In 1950, Nashville began to build the music industry. Currently, Nashville occupies the same position with the Los Angeles and New York in terms of production, publication and distribution of a variety of musical styles. A convention center, the international airport and the Opryland Hotel complex also has made the city of Nashville as the famous business convention center.

Additionally, Nashville is also thick with elements of country music. Once in Nashville, you can see the live music show at Nashville International Airport that became the arena for action by dozens of local bands. If you visit to East Nashville, you have a chance to see the indie bands show are super cool. More Like renowned musicians? You just go to the Ryman Auditorium to watch the national scale show, ranging from Meat Loaf to The Shins.

If you traveled to the city of Nashville, the tour guide will surely offer you been to Centennial Park, a large city park, which is located about three kilometers to the west of downtown Nashville. Garden city located in the West End Road and adjacent to Vanderbilt University is indeed very popular, especially among young professionals because near this park a lot of standing luxury apartments. However, Centennial Park, better known as an expansive garden’s become a recreation center for foreign tourists and local residents.

In addition to the green grass, the city park is also equipped with an artificial lake that makes the atmosphere more comfortable. Not only that, since November 2005 Centennial Park is also the first park in Nashville equipped with internet facilities that can be accessed free of charge by those who come to the park. Therefore, no wonder if in this park a lot of students and young professionals who relax while fiddling with their gadgets.

Nashville is also known as one of the most friendly city in the United States. In addition to music concerts were comfortable, in Nashville there are also many restaurants were very tasty. Nashville is known as the city of recreation for many hotels and restaurants were very comfortable there. In fact, there is a saying “We went to Nashville for recreation, and will not be back”.

Nashville Downtown Skyline Photo

Nashville Downtown Skyline Photo. Img Via:

Nashville Downtown During The Day

Nashville Downtown During The Day. Img Via:

Nashville Tennessee, Titans Stadium

Nashville Tennessee, Titans Stadium. Img Via:

Nashville Broadway Photo

Nashville Broadway Photo. Img Via:

Nashville Tennessee Aerial View

Nashville Tennessee Aerial View. Img Via:

Nashville Photo At Night Cumberland Park

Nashville Photo At Night Cumberland Park. Img Via:

Nashville Skyline At Night Photo

Nashville Skyline At Night Photo. Img Via:

Nashville Downtown Skyline At Night

Nashville Downtown Skyline At Night. Img Via:

Nashville Skyline Photography At Night

Nashville Skyline Photography At Night. Img Via:

Nashville At Night Skyline

Nashville At Night Skyline

Nashville At Night Photo

Nashville At Night Photo. Img Via:

Nashville At Night Photography

Nashville At Night Photography. Img Via:

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